Senior Portraits

Two weeks ago, I got those artsy pictures that every senior tends to get. I would like to show you some of mine because I love them and my face is so weird that my eyes squint and the creases are created when I laugh and smile. Let’s just say I was laughing the whole time.

For a November day, it was quite windy and muddy but some of the trees still had their leaves.

Red Dress: Forever 21
Green Dress: Zara
Shoes: Lord and Taylor?

If you live in the Annapolis area, contact my neighbor Kylie if you want to get your pictures done. Her website is


Untitled #221

Untitled #221

Style Idol: Eleanor Calder

Hey everyone! I have always wanted to start a little segment on favorite outfits of real life people (celebs are real people right?). So today I will put together a post about a very fabulous British girl and her wardrobe. Eleanor Calder is a normal college student (if normal also means having a famous singer for a boyfriend) with style that most girls die for! And um an old friend (who I haven’t talked to in forever) told me I looked like Eleanor, not true though, sadly.

I could barely find any photos which were clear and did not have her and Louis Tomlinson or how to get her style, so bare with me.

257831147387164431_U377eWEB_c  tumblr_m8ay23seiZ1rbppcao1_1280 Eleanor+Calder+Classic+Sunglasses+Aviator+Up223hJ992Kl

Well I tried to find some, but they were not very successful. I do not own these photos.

To Dress Like Eleanor:
Having followed a lot of Eleanor Calder style blogs on tumblr, I’ve noticed that her outfits a very feminine.
Try finding items from TopShop, Zara, American Apparel, etc. Don’t pay a lot so try out Forever 21 or H&M.

Crop tops are a must have along with beanies, a slouchy sweatshirt, leggings, peter pan collar and a instead of going for a real expensive one, try a cheap Mulberry look a like bag.

Wanting to learn more about Eleanor Calder’s style, try checking out my favorite Eleanor Calder blog!

Polyvore-mas 12/7-12/13

I have not been updating about my sets on Polyvore, which you totally should check out! I have been slowly getting better at putting these sets together and I want you guys to know what you think!

This is the kind of outfit to wear when you plan on being lazy, the only time I wear boots or Uggs is when I do not feel like being in the mood to tie my converses. I love the pattern on the pants and the robin egg color sweater is to die for!

I tried to mix up some patterns a little bit to make it more fall like. It would be a nice outfit to wear when going to the bookstore which is one of my favorite places to go to!

I absolutely adore these shorts from TopShop!

Mixing different patterns together makes everything so exciting!y
If you have not noticed, I am very into the black and white trend as shown above. And that is one of the reasons my friends believe I am the reincarnation of my fashion idol, Coco Chanel.

Tartan, oh my gosh tartan. It is everywhere and I cannot get enough! I literally love these shoes from TopShop and my best guy friend found this adorable beanie at Forever 21 in NYC.

Cool colors are beautiful when… well.. when it is cool. Adding a fierce edge with printed heels and oh my gosh the beautiful, I cried of perfection, wonderful, too expensive that it is making me cringe bag by Alexander McQueen (RIP you legend).

I noticed a teacher at my school wearing a beautiful outfit, I had to create it!

Hope to see you again before Christmas as I will be in Colorado for a while and probably won’t update until after! But I promise I’ll be back before than!

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Polyvore-mas 12/1-12/6

I’ve been obsessed with vlogmas, I will most likely be participating in it next December, and I have thought of making an outfit each day. I promise to my sets that are pretty. I have made more than one set a day.
I’ve been leaning into dark colors and dresses so I went for something more casual and fun.
Just a casual day walking around the city.
A cute, fancy skirt and shoes that it is balanced out with the simple gray sweater.
My favorite outfit out of all of them, its dressy and casual at the same time.
A nice outfit to wear on Christmas morning with hipster glasses. It would be fun to wear opening presents, watching Elf, and sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate ready a good book. Maybe not all at the same time.
l(1) l(2)
A night out in town, probably to walk around and look at the Christmas lights.
I just love the plaid skirt.
l(5) l(6) l(7) l(8)

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