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I remember in computer class one day, my best friend told me about this app, Loverly, all about weddings. It was a few months ago and we were currently girls in 10th grade, so we were far off from planning our actual wedding. But that didn’t stop us. So it comes to a recently when I was emailed by someone who works at the Loverly asking if I can put together a style board based on three different locations and of course I said yes! I was given three locations to choose from: a private beach, upscale city rooftop or a rustic outdoorsy wedding. I did a little digging on each location, as much I would love to swim in my wedding dress or dance underneath the lights of New York City, I went for the rustic scenery. I for one am not an outdoors kind of girl but the rustic weddings literally scream my name and I just fell in love.

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Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding dress, a long gown that has a long train that it stretches down the aisle. I would like to be that girl but I am not someone who wants to be tripping to meet the love of her life at the front of the church. I wanted my dress to be different from most so I opted for a shorter one. I do think white plain gowns are beautiful but I don’t want something too boring. I love how it has a simple pattern and the small details matter so much on a dress. The ribbon pulls in at the waist to show off the curves and the V-neck makes the outfit a little sexy but no too much as white represents “innocence” (from what I learned from Sex and the City).
I chose simple white heels to make the illusion that my legs are long. I am not someone to wear flats anywhere (I would like to buy some at least) and I feel like heels make the gown even more beautiful. The heels are not too big that is hard to walk in and not hurt my feet.
I am the hopeless romantic type who loves the whole veil idea but not for my rustic wedding. Having it in the outdoors call for something more fun than traditional. I traded the veil for a hairpiece with floral detailing to give it a more fun look.
I decided to add simple white pearl earrings with a gold lining. Bracelets are too much and no rings because the most important ring will be placed on during the ceremony. I felt like the outfit was not complete until there was a simple piece of jewelry.
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TV Outfits: Jane Quimby

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they experience the worst, when their favorite TV show is canceled. As much as I hope that Jane by Design will have a new season (curse you ABC Family), or have the show on Netflix, it will always be in my heart. Ever since the show aired when I was in 8th grade, I thought it was cute. But than it turned into this amazing show that inspired me, it showed me what I wanted to do in life and that is be apart of the fashion world. Jane Quimby has been someone to inspire my outfits as she was a character who knew what she wanted to do, even when others didn’t believe in her dreams. I love how her character makes most of her own clothes, which I would love to do. Sadly I won’t be able to wear some of her outfits (like the 3 inch heels) until I am out of college as others do not believe it is acceptable to wear heels in school, it is nice to dream. 0bd928fcf712825e2e6a686fe9d50cf5 15138e63532e3ee22bd41975fdab91ad 73de8f0b7d345166bba4b394849f5cf3 7ec60b8a1fb50fcfa80917fff4c2ca81 75078995624593331cab4605f6790322 bbb079881dad4b495eb29a5dd4ba69fe f22b22975dd5af3b053cffc82ad3b101 32642feb269987a5a9460b6d62ae2e0a f48d8cb06b14e344d97337aec2655b51
I would love to wear this dress, when I get married.


This happens to be my all time favorite dress of hers that I wish to wear to prom!

How to Dress Like Jane:
Sadly the clothes she once wore are all gone since the show ended almost 2 years ago (sadly crying in the corner), but looking at vintage or very unique and cute pieces can work. Wear lot of tulle skirts, that is what I can say along mixing print is a major plus. Just have fun with it, her style is so her own which makes me love it so much! And I would recommend wearing heels, but I don’t know about wearing them in high school though. Yikes.

Too bad this show was canceled, it help me realize who I am, and I guess I am not longer lost on what I want to do in life.

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Trip to the Vintage Shop

For a while my mom and I really wanted to go to this Vintage shop, which had cute old lady stuff but it was really expensive. I thought it was cool and so tumblr like so I took some pictures!



Some Wedding Dresses!


Old high heels that could be glass slippers!


Some roses outside which I have edited with a few different apps.



Jean Vest: Shh! I shall not say!
Striped Shirt (Thought it was Very British): Aerie
Shorts: Pacsun