How to Survive Gym Class


Gym Class is pretty much split up into two groups, those who are super athletic and very good at every sport they play and those who have no hand-eye coordination. Well I am one of those who are not athletic at all! So this is why I am currently writing this blog post on an advice to pass this class without dying.

Along with this being post marking my one year anniversary, I would like to thank you for over 1,400 hits! Sadly I won’t be home to celebrate with a party because I will be at puppy training school, but thank you and lets get on for what this post is about because of course I am rambling on!

  1. Since I have to wear a uniform with so many pieces to put together the right way without getting in trouble, and being in time for class. Try to time yourself and beat that time or inform your teacher (if she/he is nice, like my French teacher) that you and a few others, if there are, that you guys might be a little late.
  2. Participate. Participate in anything you can, even if you are bad. It shows the teacher that you are trying your best to try to pass.
  3. Learn as much as you can. Learn different skills to try your best with at the activities each day to try to improve.
  4. Drink water is a must.
  5. Study as much as you can but make sure you it does not take up your life.

Well good luck!


Surviving the First Day of School

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(Please don’t be offended by my simile, it was kind of a joke)

If you aren’t close to me and haven’t heard my opinion of school well… High School is like the Hunger Games, where we are all forced to be there to torture each other until we are pretty much mentally dead. But school can be exciting in some ways other than my Hunger Games example, we can plan what we want for the future for whatever you plan to be or do in life, no matter what it was.

But that is was more into the future then we believe but now this is what we all have been waiting for… the first day of school. No one is excited for school and no one wants to be there earlier than the sun has peaked over the horizon, but sadly that is the way of life.

I have had so many first days, including that this will be my 6th school in the past 15 years, not including those years when I was in diapers, so I have had trouble on the first day which I know will change once I help you with my tips to stay alert during this time where everything will get back into order.

I know I am somewhat excited to not sit around all day and do nothing, as much as I love to do that, but that is all going to change drastically. So lets go on to what to do on the first day you get back!

  1. Make sure you get a good nights sleep, as much makeup can disguise those bags under your eyes in the morning, you don’t want to be falling asleep in the class with a very hard teacher.
  2. Make sure you have everything laid out, your backpack, lunch, supplies, outfit (or in my case a uniform) so you don’t miss a thing which is one of the worst things to deal with. Also make sure you leave your house as soon as possible because last year I learned (almost being a little late) that when everyone goes back to school, that means EVERYONE, so be prepared for the traffic.
  3. Be on top of everything. Make sure you got all the assignments for each class and even write down the little details so you won’t fail it.
  4. Make friends. I was always the shy, awkward person (still kind of am) so try to get a boost of confidence and meet someone new. Its always nice to know someone and its okay if it isn’t the whole school or the popular people. I learned that they don’t have to be your friend all year because they usually find others, so if they so make some other friends. I have found my great friends those who aren’t that popular and a little bit quirky, but they are awesome because I really like people who are different from others. And also you don’t always have to have a friend in each other your classes, I didn’t and I survived, kind of.
  5. Don’t bully each other, or try to ignore the bully. Pretty much everyone I have known has been effected by a bully, including me. I will never understand why people bully each other out loud instead of keeping it to yourself. Sometimes people don’t need to speak their opinions because if you said something bad about someone would you like that to be said towards you? We are all having a hard time so don’t make it hard and just because you say something that you think is meaningless doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt the person. You can get out of the person’s life all you want but they can’t change who they are, so don’t really force them to do anything harmful in anyway.
  6. Lockers are like the trickiest thing like to have ever exist but we have to learn to love them. They keep everything of yours in a place, so create the space your own. Make sure you don’t pen you locker, it may be a good trick to use in a hurry so you don’t have to use a combination, but make sure all your books are there because a few of mine were stolen last year. I will never understand why someone would want a Algebra 1 Textbook!
  7. Get involved! Get involved with the drama club, glee club, band, art club and maybe even football! Its a great way to make friends and be able to find who you are and who you want to be as a person.
  8. Be on top of everything! I mean school work wise. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to homework (like hello Tumblr and YouTube exist). Since I have so many activities after school this year, I need to get everything done and stay on track if I want to get anywhere in life.
  9. Sadly high school isn’t High School Musical so a heads up, please do not jump on top of cafeteria tables or burst out into song in a middle of a test as much as you want to. You could possibly go to detention.
  10. And just have fun! I know high school seems scary when you start, I am starting my sophomore year and its still scary for me, but its different for everyone. You can love it or hate it. Just hang out with friends, go to dances (most likely Homecoming), go to football games, do anything you have to do to have a good time and make sure its legal.

And for those of you have succeeded in reading all of that, I congratulate you and if you haven’t started already, I wish you a nice first day of school.


P.S. If you and/or your friend(s) are scared for the first day, feel free to share this with them or on twitter, or facebook or what other social website you like!

Say “No” To The Thigh Gap


For me, being in high school there is all this pressure to be perfect. I have been affected by this pressure to be perfect even when I was little and I somewhat gave in because all it seemed like was people appreciated the skinny pretty girls than the others who didn’t really care about that stuff and was weird and well I was the weird girl. Which had led me to be depressed and suicidal.

Ever since I have been on Tumblr, I have been confident of who I am since I found girls who didn’t care what they looked like, but recently there have been these posts of skinny girls and I have been getting these thoughts that I should be like that. A few months ago, I kind of considered of getting an eating disorder since I felt too fat, but I loved food too much to give it all up.

Recently on the news I have been spotting reports on the thigh gap and including my poise and proper teacher Maria Woods has been speaking about it on the news (which I’ll be posting at the end). I thought that getting something this popular wasn’t going to be much of a risk and since it started all this controversy, why should I even bother?

Being healthy is more important than being dead looking skinny. If you want to be skinny, exercise and eat healthy, don’t starve yourself like I have done a few times. Look up to people like Jennifer Lawrence who would rather be fat than anorexic, and consider Anne Hathaway who was hesitate to play in Les Mis of how much weight she lost and she couldn’t sleep and she felt like was about to die.

Don’t feel like that! Unless you take care about yourself that is important, get off those sites that make you think that you should be model skinny because they aren’t taking care of themselves at all. I have heard they only drink shakes up until the day of the show where they don’t even drink water and that is very risky. If you are pressured by those around you, just ignore them and if you friends want you to have one than they are not your friends anyway.

Its more important to know what you would rather be called, “Dead looking” or “Healthy”. Its time to say “no” to the thigh gap and say yes to loving who you are since no one is fat, they are who they are and they can’t change that.

People just need to realize that judging girls and making fun of them will only hurt them. That is why we are all hurt because of how others see perfect woman which isn’t right. We shouldn’t be that perfect for anyone since perfect is boring.

Say “I don’t have a thigh gap and I am happy about that!”


Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect- Demi Lovato

P.S. I don’t have anything against thigh gaps since I wish I could be able to get one but this post if for thoses who don’t have one