Trend Alert: Showing the Sexy One Shoulder

Despite the cold weather coming our way, this new trend involves showing off a little bit of skin. A major trend for the fall 2017 season is the one shoulder where a top will show a classy amount of shoulder. I personally think this look could be sophisticated yet casual at the same time. Here are a few outfits that you can style after if you dare to rock that shoulder.

Untitled #263
 This is one of my favorite outfits for just a day out or when you don’t want to wear Nike shorts to class anymore. I love this simple white top and cut off as it gives a laid back look. I added Adidas shoes for comfort and to give it some edge.
Untitled #262
Of course, I cannot do a trend without having a sexy outfit! I love this bodycon one sleeve top with a choker built in. With it being a high neck top I would style it with a ponytail. My favorite fall color is burgundy so I wanted to incorporate it a little bit as well as a few gold accents. My styling tip is to try to match your shoes with your bag so the outfit is not all over the place!
Untitled #264


When I first saw this top I was absolutely in love! Since the top had a lot going on I wanted to style it with plain bottoms, so I added some culottes and some nude heels. Since there was not a lot of color to the outfit, I added the colorful clutch to give it more of a fun twist to it. This outfit is great if you’re going to a function, it’s sophisticated yet fun!

Untitled #265


I wanted to create another casual outfit so I found this gingham print dress which is so adorable! I am a minimalistic dresser so I just added a sweet necklace and some white, lace up espadrilles. This is an outfit you can wear to a picnic or just to walk around a city (especially in Europe). Since the straw bag was rather popular in the summer I thought it would make the look more laid back.
Untitled #266


I absolutely love this dress! If you have stayed with me these past few years I have been a huge fan of lace! The cut cutouts in the middle make the dress a little bit sexy and make me which I had the body and the place to wear this to! I love a good smokey eye and tousled hair to give it a relaxed look to it.
Remember that trends may come and go but always stay true to your original style. I hope you have fun with this trend and I hope to see you in my next post! I am so glad to be back!


Today marks the end of a year, another chapter in my life and let me say that 2014 was kind of crazy. It was not amazing as 2011 but there were many major parts to it. This past year started off with me waking up in Aspen, Colorado. I have not been on a plane since I was 9 and this was a new adventure for me. The next few months I have been surprising getting good grades.

In February, for the first time by myself, I went by plane to Florida to visit my grandparents. Having cried both going and coming (I can’t believe I did that) I have matured on traveling the world by myself.

In April, around Easter, I had received the sacrament of Reconciliation through my school. I had told the priest how I was such a bad person to myself. How I blamed everything on me and he said that it was very brave to not blame it on someone else. He told me that it was the devil trying to disconnect me from God and if I ever had bad thoughts again that I should let it slip and think of something else. That literally changed my whole state of mind including eventually achieving my goal for that school year, being happy.

In July, I had a chance to be able to go to New York and study fashion with a summer class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I made new friends and hope to go again next year to learn more.

I had moved from JV to my school’s Varsity dance team and I finally realized the meaning behind hard work. Pushing yourself will eventually lead you to a goal you’ve been wanting. For me is to be more fit and be more flexible.

In August and going into September, two people I have known had passed away. One was a student I had gone to middle school with and to hear how he died literally ripped my heart out. We were never really good friends at school, but I did have a crush on him in 8th grade. I guess you never know how corrupted society could be until someone disappears forever. The other was my old math teacher, a lady who used to scare the life out of me. She also helped me achieve better grades in math. I learned more from her teaching style than anyone else.

Also in September, I had a chance to be able to go to the Ed Sheeran concert along with 2 of my friends and had the time of my life for my 17th birthday.

In October, I had to drop some friends who were not helping me mentally. Having people around who made you confused on if they were really your friends or just people around eventually going to hurt you. Knowing they were doing things without me and lying to me was devastating and I eventually stopped talking to them and moved on to hanging out with people who I talked to but really hung out. I do not have many friends but I realized that they did not have to make me feel bad about myself or gossip about others to have fun. It really did not matter if they are considered ‘weird’ they are better friends than everyone in the school.

In November, my homecoming look I had submitted was placed on the Teen Vogue website.


This has been a major dream of mine to be either on their website, or on their magazine. I hope to be able to put myself out their more and can not wait to put together new outfits for others to see.

In December, I had reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel and been thinking too much. Oblivion scares me and I feel like I am trapped inside a bubble. I am stuck in a place with something I do not want to do and I want to be putting my name out there, exploring life. Life doesn’t last forever, I just want to be remembered somehow. Currently being a high school student, I cannot do much. All I want is to reach out to others, create something big and creative, travel the world and give the world a lasting impression of me.

In 2015, I hope to be able to travel more places. I will be traveling to London and Paris this summer. I am going to looking at colleges, in South Carolina maybe New York and Boston. Next month I will be going to Florida to support my team as they compete in Nationals.

I hope to make new friends. I hope to meet new people who I can easily connect with and not be afraid that they are going to hurt me in some way. I want to reconnect with old friends who once made me happy. I had lost touch with others after I moved and I hope to be confident and reach out to others.

I also hope to discover more about me. I had learned more about my strengths and weaknesses (photography a maybe?). I love making videos and fashion. I love concerts and indie and punk rock music. I love my marketing class and I want to own my business and boutique some day. I get jealous of people who have once hurt me achieving one of my goals in life. I cannot do a turning disk. Baking is a major no-no for as much as I want to buy every baking kit out there. I also learned that I tend to push more people away than keep in touch them.

In 2015, I hope to be a better person than I was this year.

Fashion Week Dreams


If you have been living under a rock, you would have known that New York Fashion is sadly over. While I a currently trying to keep up on the latest fashion across the pond over to London Fashion Week, I could not help but put together an outfit that I would have worn if I could have gone to New York Fashion Week. All I have been doing recently has been dreaming about going to Fashion Week, just being outside watching the street style would be amazing. Sadly I am in the suburbs, a good 4ish hours away (by train) with an outfit ready to go.




Jacket- American Eagle | Top – Aeropostale | Skirt- Forever 21| Shoes- Aldo| Beanie- Forever 21 |Bracelet – J.Crew|


I absolutely love this jacket! I draped it over my shoulders like a cape inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Danielle Bernstein. It gives that whole edgy vibe to the whole outfit. I love how it is quilted as it is in style this season and I am so existed to purchase more quilted items when fall finally kicks in.


Yes my new shoes just got dirty in the grass but they are absolutely so comfortable. I have been looking for simple black slip on shoes but I could not resist when I saw the gold chain!


Of course I am wearing my mom’s gold bracelet! I thought there should be another touch of gold so it could match the shoes!


Who says you cannot be comfortable yet stylish? I love my beanie to death and I could just wear it with anything! It is fall time and I think everyone, even the Queen of England should get themselves a lovely beanie!

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A Splash Of Sapphire


Black and white is one of my favorite trends, it is a lot of fun. Adding a pearl bracelet and a headband with a black feather adds a bit of spunk to the outfit. Short dresses are always a fun way to wear to prom as it is not weighing down while dancing. Monochrome makes everything look sophisticated but a with a pop of color makes the look less boring. I love how these sapphire shoes are different way to bring color to the outfit.

Dress: Arden B | Shoes: Aldo | Bracelet: Unknown | Headband : Unknown

IMG_2905 IMG_2908 IMG_2916

For my look, I straightened my hair and added a a little curled at the bottom. I added eye shadow from the Stila “in the moment” palette. I used “catalyst” on my lids and “instinct” on the corner of my eyes. On my lips, I used a hot pink Covergirl lipstick number 540.

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Alis in 2013

I started this blog about early September of 2012 for a try in fashion and writing, I was not very into fashion back then but I wanted to see where it would lead me. I also had been writing poems, and reviews for my school newspaper that I dream of inspiring others through difficult times (but there is not that many posts about that on here).
Alis is like my name Elyse (A-lees) but I did not give that blog a name until later. It was actually the name the Starbucks person put on my first drink from there after I had freshmen orientation. I guess by ordering a drink from a popular place could lead into this, or it was the only idea I had to change my name. I had a blog post about the name change a while ago but I don’t feel like finding it oh well.
So as I sit here inside the little place where we are staying in the mountains of Colorado, while stars like Christina Aguilera, Shaun White and Leonardo DiCaprio are skiing (I’m literally sore from my lesson yesterday that I could not even walk back to the condo and I can barely even walk around, so don’t be like “girl what are you doing inside for writing this post about”) I would like to share my favorite posts of the year before 2013 closes.
I would like to saw thank you to everyone who has followed me, read my posts or get annoyed by my posts on instagram and twitter, you have made me all so happy as I have gotten over 2,160 + views and over 100 posts. A few websites have contacted with me about my outfits and I hope that soon, that you guys can get the courage to be my buddy (or not but that is perfectly cool because like, I really don’t know how to interact with others through online). Anyway, I should start rambling and share my favorite posts of the year that either inspire others or I absolutely loved the outfits, pictures or writings that I have shared with everyone of you!
Do It Anyway
If you need a little encouragement in your life, this prayer from Mother Theresa is da bomb! I mean beautiful and inspiring.
Forever Alone Day
I created this post because not everyone has someone to spend with on Valentine’s Day! I thought this was so much fun to write!

A Dreamer
I wrote this poem a while ago and even though it is not very well written, I loved writing it!
Say “No” To The Thigh Gap
The thigh gap has been a popular trend this year as for those wishing to have one, I created a post to inspire those to stay healthy and not go to drastic measures to have something only certain body types can have.

Interview with Teen Author Kyla L.
lso in 2013, I had my first interview with a teen writer.
Trip to the Vintage Shop
This was my 50th post and I absolutely love the picture of the roses and the chandelier!

A picture of mine I took of people at the beach.
It is all in the title.

Surviving the First Day of School
tarting the first day of school is hard, so I wrote something to help others.

Birthday #OOTD
My first outfit post, and my birthday!
A poem I wrote for school.

A favorite outfit of mine.

Second Star to the Right
My Halloween costume that I have been wanting to wear forever!
Heartbreak Girl
ot my best outfit but I love the post that I wrote.
It’s a Plaid, Plaid World
My favorite outfit!
New York
My awesome trip to NYC!

Simple Laughs and Puppy Love
Sweet family moments.
Traveling Essentials
I recently realized that I love making videos!

My Favorite Outfits of 2013

039photo (1)022001023029025006a56f468a-b36c-4420-b2b1-ee4ca871d875_zpsdfd91df2

I hope everyone of you has an awesome new year and hope 2014 treats us all well. I am currently in Colorado so I do not have any fancy as I did not think I should have brought something for New Years. So I might watch the fireworks in town or watch the Doctor Who episode that I have been trying to watch! Oh well, have a nice and safe New Year.

It’s a Plaid, Plaid World

I had been admiring this dress at Urban Outfitters for months now, maybe before school even started and I had officially bought the most awesome article of clothing that I have!
This is one of my most favorite outfits and lets just say, I’m wearing this to the mall. You can never be overdressed (unless you are wearing a ball gown then that is saying something).
For some reason the pictures came out fuzzy looking, and also excuse my awkward face.

018 020 023 025 026

Sweater: Eileen Fisher (found it in my mom’s closet)
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Boots: DSW

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Back to School Must Haves Uniform Edition

The first day of school is the first day for everything. It is like New Years Eve without all the fireworks and the snow. Sadly it is not that time of year and the summer is coming to end (cue emoticon with tears). The first day of school means everything, what you wear (from what I hear from a JCPenney commercial) kind of defines your whole year (or where you sit at lunch but that doesn’t really matter to me).

So the beginning of the school year is important because its a new everything, new kids, new teachers, new things to try and a brand new you. Ever since I have started this blog during my freshmen year, I have grown as a person for who I am and fashion and beauty wise. So this sophomore year, everything I do and wear will reflect on how much I am more confident on who I am (other than hiding my face with make up which doesn’t really matter, I guess).

I have been going to a private school for the past 4 years and of course I wear a uniform so the only time I can show who I am as a human being is my locker, my backpack and on dress down day (which isn’t that often). So as this year comes closer I am getting ready to show off some item that I believe are a must have.

A section to keep all your make up brushes in case you need to apply more because of those sweltering hot first few weeks.
Check it out at PBTeen.

Always need some sort of lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm to refresh your chapped lips or give them a strike of color!
Check Baby Lips at any of your local drug stores!

As Teen Vogue has stated that these cute little ties are ready to become one of the hottest new accessories in the fashion world. You can style this piece anyway you want, around you neck to make it like a scarf or a headband. I have gotten something similar at Urban Outfitters but get this adorable one at Topshop !

A cute little wallet to carry your phone and your money for the somewhat good looking food! Make sure you use that money wisely!
Get this two-toned wallet at Urban Outfitters !

These are just a few that I just came up with! Tell me what are you must-haves for school either if you have a uniform or not! Have a nice first day and be good and also stay in school!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos or products, they belong to their rightful owners.