Halloween Nails!

This is what they will hopefully look like!

Disclaimer: Read the bottom, I don’t own anything except for wanting to share the idea


Guess what happens 2 week from tomorrow, Wednesday (its still Tuesday where I live)? HALLOWEEN!!!! Halloween happens to be me (and my mom’s) favorite holiday. I like to get dress up and just have fun with it, I was a Gallagher Girl last year so I didn’t go all out. I like how everyone is out at night, having fun, scaring people until they pee their pants and just getting candies from strangers, not caring if they poisioned it or not. So for the days that I’m free (means that I don’t have dance until like late at night which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m too lazy on Saturday and Sunday) I will be doing nails, hair, makeup, whatever to get you into the Halloween spirit!! I kinda got the tutorials online but whatever!

So today, my first tutorial thing like ever is…. DUM ROLL PLEASE…….. SPIDER WEB NAILS!!! (I got them off an ad I saw on Facebook made by Disney, LOVE Disney!).

Okay so here we go!

Materials: (Possibly could be found at drug stores or where beauty supplies are sold)
Base Coat (I’m not sure what that really is but I hear it is important)
Sponge (Yes we will be sponging, not with Spongebob Squarepants, I don’t think he’ll like that)
White Nail Polish
Silver Glitter Polish
Black Striper or Tiny Paint Brush
Black Nail Polish (if needed)
Cottonswab (haha Stacey from Zoey 101)
Nail Polish Remover
Top Coat

Okay lets get started!!

Step 1: Start off with a base coat and sponge on some white nail polish on the tips of the nails (may need 2 layers to get it white).

Step 2: Apply the silver glitter polish over the white.

Step 3: The striper or tiny brush, with black nail polish, start with a line a 2 peaks like mountains to start the spider web. And another line right above the one you just made or if the first is two high up, maybe go underneath it.

Step 4: Then join the peaks with lines to finish the spider web.

Step 5 (Optional): Clean up around your nail with a cotton swab dab in nail polish remover to get rid of unwanted paint on your nails.

Step 6: Add a top coat to give it more shine.

Step 7: Show off your nails girlfriend!!!

I hope you have fun with this because I haven’t tried it, yet. So if you want to watch the video, I’ll post the link and hopefully it will explain it more than I can! http://video.disney.com/watch/fun-halloween-spider-web-nails-4be710f1c8d22b6a6e9faf04?cmp=SMC%7Cvid%7CMktp2_Social%7CFB%7CDisplay%7CInHouse%7C100912%7C%7C%7CdcomM

See you tomorrow hopefully!

(Don’t know any Halloween quotes)

– E

P.S. I don’t own anything, I just thought it was fun and I wanted to share it with everyone!