Tutorial: Sparkly Nails


Hello this is Stephanie and I will be telling you how to make sparkly nails.

Step 1: First you most pick a of you chose and a clear coat.

– now you can just use the clear coat if you would like, but this is your chose for it is your nails.

Step 2: Secondly you most find some type of sparkles.

-P.S. Sparkly nail polish is cheating for this is with loose sparkles. How ever you can still do it with sparkly nail polish and I this                              will work just fine. 😛

Step 3: Thirdly lay you supplies out. Know the nail polish you will use, then put some sparkles in a plate (or something like that), and lay something down so you do not damage or over sparkle the thing you are working on.

Step 4: Apply the nail polish of your chose

Step5: while the nail polish is still wet drag (all but the one finger if you  would like) just the tips through the sparkles. (if you didn’t do that to one finger then place that one (or all of them if you wish) flat down in the sparkles.

Step6: Sixthly try to shake off the extra sparkles and rub off the sparkle that ended up on you finger and not the nail.

Step7: Seventhly put a clear coat on top so the sparkles will stay (sometimes you may need to do it more then once and that is okay)

Hope you had fun doing this I know that I did when I did it. Also you will get many complements! 😀

And again this was by Stephanie ❤

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