Am I Punk Rock? Not Really | OOTD

Sorry about these awkward pictures and posing! I literally did my best because I had only a certain amount of time before the sun ruined the shot.

For the past few months, maybe for almost a year, I have been experimenting with my fashion even more. Around this time last year I had discovered punk rock music (starting with my 5 Seconds of Summer obsession) and finding myself personally and style wise. Growing up is discovering who you are and learning from mistakes and sometimes successes. I learned who I was maybe about a year or so after I started this blog and I could not be happier! Not many people know what they want in life and me, well I have most it planned down. But this post is not about the future but it is about this outfit that I put together for a back to school idea.

I have been discovering darker colors and learning how I rock my own style. It has become harder to put a girly outfit without it being to bright and fluffy so I tend to go for the edgy laidback look. Most people would consider is punk rock, but for me I am really not in that area. I have been putting together leather pieces and having the time with learning how my style has evolved.

 Top: J.Crew | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Converse

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