Feeling like a Princess at Versailles – Paris Day 2

I was put to the test on my trip to Versailles, my French class has told me some of the history about this famous castle and I even did a debate in French (which was the worst), but I had learned more about the ongoings behind gold encrusted fences.

The castle is magnificent with the artwork and the architecture but the gardens were my favorite. I couldn’t explore most of the grounds but it was fun to find hidden gardens that not everyone notices. It was quite a walk around but I thing I wore off my very unhealthy lunch.

Although it may not be ideal to live here back then (my side on the debate) I would sure like to live among the gardens because they are amazing.

We had planned to visit the Eiffel Tower afterwards but because of the Euro and their fans, we couldn’t. But instead we got pictures from across the Seine and it was quite elegant in person.

Due to the trouble with the Eiffel Tower, we walked all the way up of the Arc De Triomphe which has the most beautiful views I have ever seen! Just look at the photo of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the middle! It gives me chills that I took that picture!

I had two more days left in France and I just wanted to stay longer!


Bonjour Paris – Day 1

Paris is one of the cities that many people hope to visit one day, and I had the pleasure to be able to explore the city that I have been obsessed with since the day I was born. Paris is my middle name and also to honor the later Princess Diana. Growing up reading Eloise and Madeline, Paris has always been on the top of my list. On the first day of our adventure in Paris, we took the Eurostar from London into the city and we had a chance to explore the rainy streets of Sacre-Coeur, one of the most famous cathedral in Paris, other than Notre Dame.

I have always dreamed about walking in the streets of Paris, with a baguette in hand, a scarf wrapped around my neck and wearing a cute striped dress but in that time I had an umbrella, soaked shoes and a chocolate crepe from a restaurant. Despite the rain, I loved the beauty that calls itself the City of Lights. The narrow lanes with cute unique shops, even a Starbucks a friend of mine wanted to stop in, and to my surprise that many Parisians speak English. Out of everyone on my tour group, I knew the most French but thinking of becoming fluent in the language.

This area is known as Montmatre, the neighborhood of Paris that is famous for their artists. I hope to go back one day, when it is not raining and see the up-in-coming painters work on their masterpieces.

Florida Day 2: Harry Potter and Epcot

I am not someone to go on crazy roller coasters and waiting in long lines by myself so I would not say that Universal was the best ever. I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was ten and I kind of have a strong obsession with both the movies and the books and well that is how my love for England started! First thing in the morning, after having my delicious Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, my grandmother and I headed to Universal.098

As soon as I stepped through the gates of Hogmeade, I fell in love. I knew I was home. 100 101

My new buddy. It was kind of weird that everyone was asking if I was from New York, only in my head.

105 108 111 118 119 120 124 128 130 132 136 141 147 148 149 151 154 165

I absolutely loved it there! I tried Butterbeer, a little too sweet to finish, along with a wand! I had gotten Fleur Delacour which was pretty cool and I will never know what I will do with it until I have discovered my unknown powers and save the world from evil!

Epcot was not as exciting as I remember, but it was fun to see all the different sights that they held. France and the United Kingdom were my favorite and they were both magical.

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I loved these kids Peter Pan and Wendy costumes!

198 199  201  203

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Parisian Maryland


A rain in the morning can never effect a day in little Paris (said in the French way). Its not actually a French part of the country that I am talking about, even though I hear there was a high school that is half French speaking. About a few minutes away, a street was closed down for festivities for a Parisian theme day.


Something adorable that I found in a Vintage shop.





I really love how they have the Marilyn Monroe quote!


Vintage Vogues, I was really hoping to find a Vintage Chanel Bag or Louis Vuitton but I found a cool old typewriter :).


A old 50’s style chandelier I thought was cool.


Excuse my face as I am wearing something that Marilyn Monroe would’ve worn.


I have a big obsession with bird cages!


Not Parisian but I love this!


A little insert of my outfit!

Top: Target
Bracelet: Little White Truck (Facebook)
Shorts: Lucky Brand

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Bucket List

I remember a few years ago that I have made a summer bucket list with a few of my friends (one of them my ex-bff) and sadly we couldn’t finish it (well we didn’t even start it). So I have made this list the past few months to do before I’m 25 and hopefully finish it by then. My list is about living life to the fullest and will be forever life changing. So I would like to share some with you and maybe you guys would be inspired to started a bucket list too.

So here is a few.

1. Have a real boyfriend, get my first kiss (in the rain)

2. Inspire someone- I have with a few people, I don’t know how but they say I have. Maybe by my story about how I’m strong during hard times.

3. Become tumblr famous- who doesn’t want to be tumblr famous?

4. Write a hit song- maybe write it with one of my favorite writers or by myself

5. Go to my top 6 Places to visit- 1. Paris (my name/middle name is french), 2. London (HARRY POTTER), 3. Sydney, Australia (H2o kinda made me want to go there), 4. Naples, Italy (where my family came from), 5. LA (I know its just on the other side of the country butI really wanna go there), 6. Disney World (I’ve been there 3 times in my life but want to go there again)

6. Learn how to surf- For the few years ago (well when I was 9), I’ve always wanted to be the skater girl type. I tried teaching myself how to skateboard but that literally failed.

7. Have/go to a masquerade ball- we had one at school but no one wore masks, so I want it for my sweet 16th so I can have a Cinderella moment like in A Cinderella Story (my favorite movie of all time and watching it right now).

8. Walk around a city/mall with a “Free Hugs” sign- when I was in Boston, where I used to live, I saw a girl walk around with the sign and I thought that would be fun.

9. Road trip with friends- I thought would be fun because my friend Sam and I are planning to go to London before college and a few other friends are planning to go to Australia.

10. Keep a diary- I have literally started maybe around 10 different diaries, all complete fails but maybe this one won’t be. Maybe I’ll get it published and hopefully have it inspire someone.


This post was inspired by the amazing Alli Simpson and she was inspired by the Huffington Post.