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Today is like my 10th snow day and I have put an outfit together, took okay pictures and filmed a video and it is 11:30 am. This has been the most productive morning for a while and I felt like Christie’s Closet for some weird reason. Maybe because I was playing around with my clothes.


Top: Brandy Melville | Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: DSW | Necklace: Urban Outfitters

So how are you spending your snow day?

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Hello everyone! As I am currently writing a very deeply written post of a Disney character for my 150th post OMG! I thought why not do a post on an outfit that I put together not so long ago. As you guys know, I kind of dress up whenever I go to the mall! I really don’t know why I do but I did! So other than the mall I also wore my outfit in the  latest YouTube video which I still need to edit.

Fabuleuse also the word for Fabulous in French. Oh me and my French. I recently bought this cropped sweater at H&M as my limit when we had gone to Georgetown, yes sadly I am not those bloggers who can buy everything they can. I seriously have a problem shopping because I seriously cannot just buy one thing and I also have to think how or where I would wear it and if it is appropriate for school! So much stress! I have recently loved the trend of crop tops because recently I have started loving my body no matter how oddly shaped it is and I do not care if I show a little skin! I barely ever have my hair in a braid and I am not really into a lot of different hairstyles because my hair is short and won’t do what I want. But I thought why not tried a braid, and I finally made one after like seven different failed times. Also I have decided to try something new with my eyeliner that I had for awhile now. I am not an eyeliner person because I can’t really put it on like everyone can and it frustrates me so I decided why not try the bottom lid. I absolutely love how its different and I am super excited for that but excuse my awkward face because like the sun was kind of shining in my eyes!

037 035 038 040 042

Crop Top: H&M
Shorts: Pacsun
Shoes: Converse
Eyeliner: Butter London

School is almost out 🙂 ! But that also means finals is coming up sadly :(.

Be my friend!

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The Wire

You know there’s no rhyme or reason for the way you turned out to be
I didn’t go and try to change my mind. not intentionally
I know it’s hard to hear me say it but I can’t bear to stay and
I just know I know I know I know that you’re gonna be OK anyway

Yesterday I had gone to the mall which is one of the few places I got to which does not involve me being my school uniform. So I decided after months of keeping it hidden in my closet, I try to wear my little wire headband. I have tried to figure out how to wear these style headbands because well I am not a headband person. My hair is very weird on how when I wear a headband my bangs stick up on all ends. Ugh! So I decided, other than growing out my bangs, that I at least try it with topknot! Topknots have been my got to hairdo when I was feeling unaware what to do with my hair. I am not happy on how these photos turned out because this is the last place I would take photos if the sun wasn’t so bright and made the picture look white.

048 043 041 039 049

Top: Aeropostale
Shorts: Pacsun
Shoes: Converse
Headband: Urban Outfitters

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Black Friday 2013

Hey everyone! So if you do not follow me on twitter (which you should because I follow back) I have recently started a YouTube channel. Yes I am becoming a Youtuber, well not really. I made a clothing haul on what I bought during Black Friday this year and ya.
Check out my channel here.
And my video below! Sorry for my awkward self and face and ya.

Tell me what you think! Let me know how Black Friday was for you and Happy December!

Birthday #OOTD

Today is officially my 16th birthday and I am also 2 more years from turning into an adult. Sadly I have not received a car, not even close to getting my permit, and no big party at all (more like a dinner with a few friends) I had a fun time this morning with a little shopping spree.

I will hopefully do a haul later on all the items that I have bought, I would like to share an outfit that I wore for the beginning part of my birthday.




Outfit Includes:
Sweater: Forever 21
Shorts: Pacsun
Shoes: Converses
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Beanie: Nordstroms

I will post the details about my whole birthday later!

Also go like my outfit on!

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Nordstrom’s Beauty Show


Hey y’all!! So as a storm is brewing outside my house I would like to thank you all for liking my latest post and also following me which I hope I can make great friends out of all of you!

Today I had gotten up at 6:45 am (on a Saturday!) for a beauty fashion show at the nearest Nordstrom. It was literally the first real Fashion even that I have gone to, more like I have seen an ad and my mom and I got tickets. I had gotten a Swag Bag with actual useful items (including perfume). It was all about the new style products and trends for the upcoming season (including black and white, my favorite!).

SO I would like to share some picture that I tried to take since sadly my phone has a bad camera.







Look at this hot man!!!





My outfit (sorry for my face):
Skirt: American Eagle
Shirt: Pacsun
Belt: My mom’s closet
Vest: Abercrombie (funny story, I used to be this very husky kid back in 6th grade when I originally got a jean jacket but since it was big on me, I cut the sleeves off recently.)

P.S. Can someone tell me how to make a Canon have a timer and such?

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