Review: One Direction Makeup*

They are known all over the world for being the popular X Factor boyband One Direction! They have sold millions of records, their own perfume, toothbrushes and now their own makeup collection. Having million girls loving these boys, they came together and brought something out that can fit the unique girls who are in love with the British/Irish band! Every girl has her own personality so reflect out through each set. Find your own way to show everyone who you are by experimenting with each different set! Make sure you check out the “Take Me Home” and “Midnight Memories” set and see how you can stand out of the crowd. The collection have received was called “Up All Night”, a very bright, colorful, party makeup.


The makeup was absolutely fun to play with including a few messy mishaps all over my hands which will be included in a video. As you can see in the picture below, there are a lot of bright colors and a small little lookbook on how to put the eyeshadow on.

I LOVE this mascara, I have been wearing it ever since it came in the mail and I even brought it to dance camp. Even my mom loves to wear it! It is much better than the drugstore types. Unlike the drugstore mascaras, they do not clump on your lashes and when I put them on my bottom lashes, they don’t stand out so much.
I love these colors! The blue eye shadows are bright and go on rather smoothly. The sparkles are pretty but make sure you put on a few layers of it or it won’t be noticed. I used the skin color to outline my eyebrow bone and the light blue to outline my eye and on the corner of my eyelid. I added the sparkle shadow also on the corner and I thought it was a fun look.

I swear every time I test out the eyeliner on my skin, it is hard to take off! It is a good type of eyeliner that will stay on all day and night for a dark look. I love putting on eyeliner on my bottom lashes instead of my top and maybe you can try that some time!
This pastel pink lipstick, by the name “I Should Have Kissed You”, is not just great for a night look. Put it on during the day to a edgier outfit to make it more girly or play it up with a dress. This lipstick makes me feel like a total girly girl and it is just so much fun to wear!
Who doesn’t want a little hot pink lipstain? Personally, I can not wear this lip product as my skin is a color that makes it look weird on me. If you don’t want the whole va va voom factor on, which includes sparkles, I insist putting on “I Should Have Kissed You” first and applying this second. Also the cool thing is that this lipstain glows underneath UV lights!
I swear this color is so much fun! “Na Na Na” is a medium with a few sparkles that can give off a fun look without going too crazy! I swear you can wear this color any time of the year and it will perfectly work! This my “back to school” nail polish must have!
Who doesn’t have to draw on their body? If you want to spice up your look, try out the stencils which include so many fun designs. In my experience with these, I suggest using the blue eyeshadows instead of the eyeliner which I used. The big mistake I did was use the eyeliner and that kind of got messy! So try something that doesn’t get all over the place!

The One Direction Makeup Collection US Release Dates:
Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th

Check out their Facebook Page: 

* This post in sponsored by Markwins and Brandbacker but the opinions are  completely my own! Thank you so much for the opportunity on reviewing the products before they were released!

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London Butter’s Chancer Review

Nail polish is a way for me to add a little something to my school uniform as I cannot wear much with it. Recently I have been obsessed with the feeling of Christmas (when Halloween is coming up) other than the birth of Jesus who gave the meaning of giving and family for that holiday season, I love it for the lights and the freshly fallen snow and the way that it gives me warmth in my heart to see happiness all around. Which doesn’t include Christmas shopping.

As I am waiting for ABC Family movie marathons and decorating the Christmas tree, I had gotten a very festive nail polish with something I purchased a few weeks ago and I recently tried it out.

I love nail polish I really do but 1. It’s a pain in the butt to try to put it on and wait for it dry and 2. I can’t paint my nails for my life. But with Butter London’s nail polishes, I find them to be painted on very smoothly.


Nail Polish: Chancer by London Butter

Well happy early holidays! 🎄

Phone Cover Nails


Says it all in the name, not really phone covers that are for nails but painting your nails to look exactly like your phone cover. Just like the picture above (which is not mine) where her nails match the gold on her case. I wish I could paint my nails like my phone case (which is the London Flag) and be like ‘look how cool my British nails are! They match my phone case!’

So I thought I would like to share this trend since I haven’t updated since last year (yup! I’m doing those jokes!). I have midterms coming up so I won’t be on for a while so happy 2013!!!

Set goals for yourself!

P.S.S I do not own the picture!

Striped Nails

53742a8626a011e29fe522000a1f97ce_5As I wait for my friend and new co-worker finish her Nail Art article, I feel like I should do one of my own. I know I should be doing my essay for biology right now, but this is more fun.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Mermaid Tears Nail Polish (Can use whatever you want, but I chose this)
Silver Nail Polish

Step 1: Cut tiny pieces of tape (I didn’t do that before I started so it was kinda tricky). Make sure not to stick them on yet.

Step 2: Paint 1 or 2 layers of the nailpolish on your fingers (in my case it was the Mermaid Tears nail polish).

Step 3: Wait for the polish to dry and then place tape over the dried polish, try to make designs. I made stripes and tried a diamond but it did not work out that well than I hoped for. Make sure the tape extends over the nail so its easy to take off after next step.

Step 4: Paint the silver polish over the fingers including the tap.

Step 5: Peel off tape (can do it when the polish is dry, I didn’t because I was too excited).

Step 6: ENJOY!

Halloween Nails!

This is what they will hopefully look like!

Disclaimer: Read the bottom, I don’t own anything except for wanting to share the idea


Guess what happens 2 week from tomorrow, Wednesday (its still Tuesday where I live)? HALLOWEEN!!!! Halloween happens to be me (and my mom’s) favorite holiday. I like to get dress up and just have fun with it, I was a Gallagher Girl last year so I didn’t go all out. I like how everyone is out at night, having fun, scaring people until they pee their pants and just getting candies from strangers, not caring if they poisioned it or not. So for the days that I’m free (means that I don’t have dance until like late at night which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m too lazy on Saturday and Sunday) I will be doing nails, hair, makeup, whatever to get you into the Halloween spirit!! I kinda got the tutorials online but whatever!

So today, my first tutorial thing like ever is…. DUM ROLL PLEASE…….. SPIDER WEB NAILS!!! (I got them off an ad I saw on Facebook made by Disney, LOVE Disney!).

Okay so here we go!

Materials: (Possibly could be found at drug stores or where beauty supplies are sold)
Base Coat (I’m not sure what that really is but I hear it is important)
Sponge (Yes we will be sponging, not with Spongebob Squarepants, I don’t think he’ll like that)
White Nail Polish
Silver Glitter Polish
Black Striper or Tiny Paint Brush
Black Nail Polish (if needed)
Cottonswab (haha Stacey from Zoey 101)
Nail Polish Remover
Top Coat

Okay lets get started!!

Step 1: Start off with a base coat and sponge on some white nail polish on the tips of the nails (may need 2 layers to get it white).

Step 2: Apply the silver glitter polish over the white.

Step 3: The striper or tiny brush, with black nail polish, start with a line a 2 peaks like mountains to start the spider web. And another line right above the one you just made or if the first is two high up, maybe go underneath it.

Step 4: Then join the peaks with lines to finish the spider web.

Step 5 (Optional): Clean up around your nail with a cotton swab dab in nail polish remover to get rid of unwanted paint on your nails.

Step 6: Add a top coat to give it more shine.

Step 7: Show off your nails girlfriend!!!

I hope you have fun with this because I haven’t tried it, yet. So if you want to watch the video, I’ll post the link and hopefully it will explain it more than I can!

See you tomorrow hopefully!

(Don’t know any Halloween quotes)

– E

P.S. I don’t own anything, I just thought it was fun and I wanted to share it with everyone!