Traveling Essentials

I will be heading on a plane tomorrow so I made a video on what I would bring along with me, either a carry on or not. And the face they put on was not expected so sorry about that!

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Rainy Lazy Day

It has been raining for the past two days and I have been lazy, you know just the usual. I have this obsession on wanting to update as often as I can, but I do not have ideas popping out like daisies, so I decided to do this little bit!

1. Watching Doctor Who and catch up on Bloglovin’
Since Matt Smith is leaving the show, I decided to watch most of the episodes he is in!

2. Try to take a picture with my brother and dog in front of the tree,

and have it not being as successful as I hoped.


3. Wishing I was at Hogwarts for Christmas

Yes that is my wallpaper and yes that is the 4, from like 4 years ago.

4. Turn on my Christmas tree for a little holiday spirit!


5. Wanting to read every fashion book I have but not wanting to at the same time.


6. Trying on eye shadow that I had for months but never really used it.

077 078 079 081
I used Impulse on my lids and added Glance on the bottom.
5. Pretending to be French while waiting to be picked up to go to mall also for Peter Pan to be on TV.

087 093 095
6. Finding out that a picture of mine was featured on the Forever 21 website!


Sorry if this post was boring as I was bored I guess.
Top: Lulus
Bracelets: Express, Six and Francesca’s
Eye shadow: Stila “in the moment”
Beret: American Apparel
Necklace (shown on F21 website): Forever 21

Make sure you catch Santa at the Norad Santa Tracker!
I do every year, even though I no longer believe in Father Christmas, it has always been a tradition of me and my family’s! Along with having raviolis every Christmas eve!
If we don’t talk between now and the New Year, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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Sweeter Than Fiction


Recently I have been writing a lot lately. I have been trying to participate in NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month). My story is about a princess who is knows nothing about the outside world, suddenly being shipped off into a place she has not heard of before to be protected from a threat towards her family.
Books have been my life ever since I was little. Always wanting to go adventure like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. To know what is out there. I believe that I have known a thousand lives to and through. As much as I would love to live a happily ever after like most stories, not all lives are easy. Harry Potter was a unloved kid living under the stairs, Katniss Everdeen had suffered so much during the Hunger Games, but if they could fight with everything they got everything will get better.
Sweeter than Fiction is a song by Taylor Swift, which I believe is one of the songs I have on repeat. To me, the title means that books are fun and all but they don’t compare to live which is real. Books end but lives continue.

Excuse my awkward face.



Long Sweater: American Eagle
Mint Top: American Eagle
Pants: Loft
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: American Eagle
Lipstick: Raspberry Swirl by MAC



OH YEAH! I have recieved about over 50 new followers on my style tumblr within the past 24 hours!

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Back to School Must Haves Uniform Edition

The first day of school is the first day for everything. It is like New Years Eve without all the fireworks and the snow. Sadly it is not that time of year and the summer is coming to end (cue emoticon with tears). The first day of school means everything, what you wear (from what I hear from a JCPenney commercial) kind of defines your whole year (or where you sit at lunch but that doesn’t really matter to me).

So the beginning of the school year is important because its a new everything, new kids, new teachers, new things to try and a brand new you. Ever since I have started this blog during my freshmen year, I have grown as a person for who I am and fashion and beauty wise. So this sophomore year, everything I do and wear will reflect on how much I am more confident on who I am (other than hiding my face with make up which doesn’t really matter, I guess).

I have been going to a private school for the past 4 years and of course I wear a uniform so the only time I can show who I am as a human being is my locker, my backpack and on dress down day (which isn’t that often). So as this year comes closer I am getting ready to show off some item that I believe are a must have.

A section to keep all your make up brushes in case you need to apply more because of those sweltering hot first few weeks.
Check it out at PBTeen.

Always need some sort of lip gloss, lipstick or lip balm to refresh your chapped lips or give them a strike of color!
Check Baby Lips at any of your local drug stores!

As Teen Vogue has stated that these cute little ties are ready to become one of the hottest new accessories in the fashion world. You can style this piece anyway you want, around you neck to make it like a scarf or a headband. I have gotten something similar at Urban Outfitters but get this adorable one at Topshop !

A cute little wallet to carry your phone and your money for the somewhat good looking food! Make sure you use that money wisely!
Get this two-toned wallet at Urban Outfitters !

These are just a few that I just came up with! Tell me what are you must-haves for school either if you have a uniform or not! Have a nice first day and be good and also stay in school!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos or products, they belong to their rightful owners.

MAC Makeup

PhotoWizardCreated (1)

Just yesterday, I went to the local mall and went to the MAC Cosmetics counter at Nordstrom (even though I could’ve gone to the store about 45 minutes away), I have gotten these amazing colors from there.

As I have heard that MAC is some make up Goddess, like seriously the best make up probably like ever. I have gotten everything pink for the Spring season and I can’t wait to wear it!

Pigment: Kitchmas (some sparkles)
Eye Shadow: Let’s Skate (a pink color that uses to stick the sparkles on)

P.S. Actually I’m not a color of pink, but they all are.