Playing In the Sun

The other day, my oldest friend from high school and I decided to get together to have a cute little photoshoot. We love photography and I wanted to test my new camera that I got over a year ago and haven’t really used it. So we decided to go to a local park that had a farm and a few cute animals and decided to take rustic pictures.

I suggest if you are trying to catch up with old high school friends, try something that you both enjoy and make a day out of it. No matter how hot it may be outside, you can always end up grabbing some ice cream later to cool down.

Having been home for about 2 months now from South Carolina, I have become a little southern girl with my cowboy boots. I was not expecting to come home with a love for preppy clothes, cowboy boots, and southern hospitality but, apparently, I do. Still not a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer, oops!

Happy Fourth Of July! Stay safe, and enjoy yourself and I will see y’all soon!

Dress: Hollister
Boots: A gift from my roommate

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Dorm Room Essentials from Bed, Bath and Beyond*

I have been waiting for this this time of year to finally buy materials for my dorm room. There was never an idea what I had wanted to do to my room for theme wise, it is rather about what I like and incorporate with everything else. I am the type of person who loves color, more like too much color, so I decided to buy items that will not make my side of the room like a rainbow and won’t clash with my roommate and her colors.

IMG_4601 (2).JPG

I love the colors blue and gray and that they were the perfect soft touch to my room. Being extremely into fashion, I had to buy a set of hangers for all of my clothes. I think these hangers are useful because they are quite slim that no matter how many pieces of clothing I have, I would still have some room left in the closet. They have rubber ends so it helps keeping the clothes from falling off.

The gray box is a cute little bin for under bed storage, which includes striped fabric inside. I wanted something that could be neutral in the room and I was never the biggest fan of the big, see through, plastic containers. I liked the ones from Bed. Bath and Beyond because they came in a few different sizes and colors such as mint, black and gray.

I bought a small make up holder because, other than the pretty blue color, I do not have the largest collection of makeup. If you are looking for something that holds all of your makeup, think of the size of your collection. There are a few different sizes available, not matter how big the collection may be. A trick that I use is that I like to keep all of my makeup brushes in a pencil holder, it is organized and makes the room pretty based on the design of it.

This cute little garbage can was pretty unique and small enough to hide underneath my desk. I wasn’t too interested in those metal trashcans so I decided to find something different. The trashcan comes in a few different colors, including splash paint, which I had wanted to get. To keep the colors neutral, I opted for this one.

Being a college student, laundry is one of the big experiences that I will have to go through. I decided to buy a laundry bag that is completely durable and cute at the same time. Who says laundry has to be mundane? So to make it fun, I had to buy something that I love, especially one with gold polka dots.

Bed, Bath and Beyond has helped me find my college essentials without making it so difficult. I love shopping here for college materials because they have basic and unique finds at decent prices. I also love their decor and bedding that is reasonable for college student budgets. Bed, Bath and Beyond has helped me find everything on my list for my dorm.

Prom 2016

High school has finally ended for me, so despite my busy schedule I had one last hurrah with my friends at prom. I knew there was a lot of hype around prom but I went in with an open mind and I had one of the best nights.

I had gone with a date, who I had asked, but it is perfectly fine going with just friends and not with a date. The whole date concept is something that is implanted in our heads so I thought it would be better to go with a good friend of mine to have fun one night before I leave for school.

My track teammate mentioned I looked like Angelina Jolie in my dress and I literally died! After a fun night at prom we ended up at a burger joint by my school known as Steak and Shake where we pretended to be rich people who wear such clothing as an everyday thing. Although my feet did hurt, I could not have asked for anything else. I am going to miss everyone next year.

Dress: Camille La Vie | Bangle: Lord & Taylor | Shoes: Lord & Taylor | Earrings: Lord & Taylor | Corsage: Safeway | Date: Heaven

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Review: Her Campus Book

Going to college may seem like the best four years of your life when you get to grow up, but at the same time, it is the scariest. Being a junior in high school has me thinking on where to go to school based on academics, the campus and the food. But it keeps me blinded about the other situations that I might face when I reach orientation.

Being an Her Campus High School Ambassador and apart of the Her Campus Blogger Network, I was excited to hear about their new book. It is not like those books where it tells you what is the better school, but rather how to get through college and become apart of the grown up world.

The Her Campus Guide to College gives more insight on how to create relationships, be aware of creepers, being healthy and how finding a job once graduation is over.

I love that this book shows real life situations and how to be able to handle them and not have it end like a Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars. It is a great idea for parents to give to the growing children to give them guidance when transitioning to a higher level of school or college seniors ready to tackle the new world of finding a job. Share it with your friends and even share it with your grandmother who wants to get back into college.

Everyone can find help within this book and I promise that you will not gain the Freshmen 15. You will not regret getting this book as there is so much to know and prepare for, including the Sorority life and passing finals.


Find this book on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Check out Her Campus for more!

And I promise that it completes your college bookshelf (and your artsy dorm decor).

Thank you to Her Campus for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own. 

Self Expression, Not Self Obsession

I remember when my guy friend told me that I posted too many pictures of myself on Instagram and that later made me feel cautious on the pictures I should put on there. After my change of mine period (hopefully a post about that) I realized that it is my account and no one should have say on it.

I have this pet peeve when people say that I am ‘obsessed with myself’ which is the complete opposite. I do post a lot of pictures of myself but I am a fashion blogger, that is what others bloggers do as well. I may not be big but it really does not matter because I have put together an outfit or there is a picture I am in that I like and I wanted to post it. Recently I was going through my own feed and noticed how many pictures of myself I have (which compared to others is not a lot) I was afraid that someone was going to say something.

If you did not know but for the past few years or so, I really did not like myself and I always put myself down causing my self-esteem to be extremely low. It was a really hard time for me that I decided to change everything about I viewed the world including myself. I feel like that sometimes I feel ‘okay looking’, and there will other times where I actually like the way I look. No one is perfect and I always feel like I am ‘too ugly’ or never ‘pretty enough’.

But I learned to completely and fully love myself no matter how I look. Despite how many pictures of myself I post on social media, I like to express that I have came so far from a really bad part of my life to finally accepting every little flaw I have. Maybe I am not skinny, maybe I don’t have the nicest skin or the perfect hair but I do like that I have changed for the better. I love myself and I don’t care if you say it is ‘self-obsession’ because I am expressing who I am out of school. I am a blogger, I am a YouTuber, I am an imperfect girl living life in a crazy world.

There are times when I feel self-conscious about myself and sometimes maybe I post sad quotes (not too often) but it is better to express happiness than self-hatred.

So which would you rather see?

Love yourself and express every little unique about yourself. I love you and I hope for the best.

Until next time,


Youtube Channel

Guys it is competition season so that means I do not have time to prepare a post. I may have not been posting a lot on here, I have tried to keep my YouTube Channel up to date! Yes, I am one of those people who have a YouTube channel! I absolutely love  filmed and creating videos that I hope to continue it along with make friends and doing amazing things as well.

Subscribe please and I am currently subbing every one back! Please comment to let me know if you have!

Here are my latest videos:

What I Learned During my Sophomore Year

Sophomore year has finally ended with the longest three days of my life and I am pretty sure I failed my chemistry final. I can proudly say I survived this year and half way through high school. Although there is more to come, I did learn a lot this year that I can mature from. I have grown up some bit and there are a few places that I need to work on with myself but that is what everything is about, trying to find and develop yourself. With further a due, lets get this started with.

  1. I learned the guy I have a bit of a crush on might actually be into someone else, who is a different gender than I am. Yes I would admit that I was a little embarrassed by this revelation but he is a good friend of mine although he did not know my feelings towards him.
  2. I am not always the first choice, again. I have been that friend that people go to where they need someone when the person they actually want to talk to somewhere else. Also when their ideal person is around, they completely ignore me. I have dealt with it all my life so I just realized if they were really my friend they wouldn’t do that so I am distancing myself it has not been more than once it has probably been around 20 different times.
  3. Hard work always pay off.  Over the past year or so I have been, how do I put this, smarter than I normally have been? Ever since high school, I have been one of the smart kids and I always know the answer which I never was in middle school (yes I was the quiet kid who didn’t know anything). But not just knowing the answer is important, it is going through the struggles of Chemistry and getting the best grade I can in English.
  4. Have someone buy concert tickets in the presale no matter if going or not. I had this whole problem that I wanted to go the 5 Seconds of Summer concert but my parents were iffy on the subject. Having talked my parents a little too late (which involved a few tears and a little panic attack before hand) they finally agreed but with the tickets being too much money I did not go.
  5. No one is your responsibility. Not informing/finding your carpool that your ride is here and him completely freaking out for no reason. Your friends getting back together as a couple. Your friend’s grade on how well you teach her Chemistry. There has been endless times when I have cared about other people more than myself. As soon as I start thinking about myself, they just draw me back in knowing that I had lost interest in their problems that they need me to fix.
  6. Never get in between a relationship. I know I should not be writing about this, but never get involved in putting two people back together no matter what. It is just dangerous territory and it is not your call on them getting back together or not. And yes they are together right now.
  7. Mental health is more important than anything else. Everyone believes school should be first at all times, even if you are injured in an accident is catching up is all that matters. Mental health is a big issue among teenagers and I have trouble with anxiety. If you are having trouble any sort of way, try to take a break from everything and maybe seek help if you need to.
  8. Not everyone is your friend. Thinking some people you talk to are there, when actually they never really liked you. It kills me inside a little bit and kept me awake at night but it really shouldn’t matter.
  9. This moment you have right now won’t last so all you can do is make the most of it even if your life is consisted of school, you are only young once and at least try to make the most of it.
  10. Those people who make fun of you for no reason will not matter in about three years. No one should get to you and hurt you for any reason. Do not fight fire with fire and do not throw grapes at freshmen even if they are immature, time will pass and everyone will get what they deserve in mean time.
  11. Body image is something that I have been struggling with my whole life. I was never too skinny and I am one of those people who point out their flaws. I have been exercising on and off within the past year, I have been more fit than I was before and I have been bigger than I have been but I learned that I have to accept how I look, it is part of my genetics. All I have to be is happy and work out as hard as I can to have the body I want, if I don’t see changes all I can do is be okay with it. Its better to be healthy no matter if you have a fast metabolism and or not, bones or not be happy and don’t hurt yourself or your body if it is not what you want.
  12. Everyone is always saying names about others or being jealous which causes them to say mean things. Like saying mean things about the girl that is flirting with that boy you like but that should not matter. They are not you, everyone else’s life does not matter and you should not care on what they or you do. I have said anything mean about someone but it is a big issue in everyone’s life. Slut shaming is a major problem and you should not care what others do, it is not yours. We all make mistakes but it is your job not to care but to move on.

That is all that I could remember in the past year other than “just try not to get your teacher fired” and I hope you have a nice summer. Yay I am officially a junior! I love you all, peace out until next time!

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