Interview with Teen Author Kyla L.

If you follow on me on Twitter (which you should) a week or two or so ago, I had asked a very inspiring young girl to be the first person I get to interview. Lets just say this is a big step for me! I am kind of jealous of her being like a year younger than me and she has like a book out is pretty incredible as I have so many book ideas started out but sadly did not make it past the first few pages, sadly. SO I put together a few questions to ask this amazing teen author, Kyla L. (just doing that incase she didn’t want me to put her last name just incase of creepers).

My questions will be in bold and her answers will be like this. 

What got you into writing?

I have always really liked to read.  I read a lot of good books with interesting story lines.  I started writing in 5th grade when I realized I could make interesting stories too.  I first wrote for myself.  I started telling friends and family all about my story and they all wanted to hear more.

What inspired you to write Flashback?

I had a dream in 6th grade about a girl who was reincarnated.  I started thinking more about it and how it would make a good story. 

In a few sentences, sum up the summary of Flashback?

Flashback is about Isabelle Holloway who is reincarnated and has confusing flashbacks about her past. Now her boyfriend Erik is back from her life in the 1800s. Not to mention the man who murdered her has returned to seek his vengeance. Isabelle can’t tell her family or friends about her past or what’s happening now. She feels alone in her complicated life until she meets a charming boy. This only infuriates Erik who doesn’t trust her friend Chris. Could he be the murderer? Will Erik protect her or will he fail?

What music would you think would set the mood of the story?

One song that would be good for my book is Bring Me Back to Life by Evanescense.  Another song would be Arms by Christina Perri.  My book has a lot of stuff about lost love and life in it. Closer by Kings of Leon would be a good song for when Isabelle is being chased.

Whats your favorite book series and author?

My favorite series is The Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare.  I really like her writing style and how she keeps the reader in suspense.

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully in ten years I will have graduated from college and have completed at least ten novels.  (I want to publish a book a year).

What is your next project? Talk about it?

I have just finished the next book in the Flashback Series.  It is called Reality.  The reader will learn a lot about Isabelle and her friends in this book.  It will be released on May 25th – my 14th birthday.  It took me a couple months to write it and a couple more months to edit it.  My aunt just did a photo shoot with me for the cover.  Right now we are working on the finishing touches of the cover.  I am also writing a novella called Awakened.  It is in Erik’s perspective, Isabelle’s boyfriend from Flashback.  His story takes place long before he met Isabelle.

Did anything change once you put your book out there? If so, what?

Yes, a lot has changed since I published my book.  I have met so many wonderful people that I would have never known if I wasn’t a writer.  Many teens share the same love of reading and writing as I do and it is wonderful to get to know them and share our stories.   I have to do a lot of public speaking now which I am not very good at (I think a lot of writers are like that lol).  I share my story with many people and I have talked on the radio a few times.  Some people in my school are great and very accepting and proud of me while others seem a little jealous and can be very mean to me.  Writing a book and being critiqued has taught me not to be so sensitive about what others think.

Any advice for future writers (like how to get past the dreadful writers block)?  Write what you know and like.  If its interesting to you then you should write about it.  You don’t need to share everything you write with anyone, some things can be kept to yourself.   If you get writers block bounce some ideas off of your friends and family.  Sometimes one idea from a friend can get your mind going.

 Any advice for girls your age?

It’s hard to be a teenage girl!  Not everyone gets it.  Other teenage girls can be judgmental and mean.  You have to learn to take any negative comments and turn them around to make yourself a better person.

Whether its writing, singing, drawing or anything else you are passionate about find someone to share that passion with.  It’s important to be a positive role model to girls your own age and younger. 

 If your book ever became a movie, who would you like to play each character?

 First of all I can’t wait for my book to become a movie!  It’s really hard to pick who I would want to play my characters.  I guess I would have to hold auditions lol.  The two people I think so far that would fit in my story would be Chace Crawford to play Erik and Alex Pettyfer to play James and Daniel because they are twins.

So I would to thank Kyla would for being my first interviewee since I was the interviewer (it took me awhile to think that out). I’ll be watching as she continues her journey and hopefully soon I can get a story out, we can share how I once interviewed her!

So check out Kyla’s story Flashback at Amazon!

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Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!


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