Saying Goodbye to an Era

This has been something that I have been thinking about for the longest time. I started this blog back in my freshmen year of high school. I did not know what to expect out of it but I fell in love with it. It was a little baby that I created. It grew with me but over the past year, I became distant with it. I kept pushing myself to keep writing for this but I couldn’t. It was a struggle and I couldn’t force myself to continue with this project because I no longer felt the same when I first started. I lost myself my first year in college but I am still figuring out what I want. I want to keep writing and posting and taking pictures but I could no longer do it with this blog, Alis Chic.

After many back and forths whether I should continue or do something new, I created a new project. I created something more mature and actually something that I want to write about. It may be similar content but it is the new me, not the high school me.

I am sad to see this chapter close but I am excited about a whole new one. I love you for reading what I had to say for the past five years and I hope you grow with me with my new baby.

Goodbye to Alis Chic and hello to With Love From Elyse.

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Prom 2016

High school has finally ended for me, so despite my busy schedule I had one last hurrah with my friends at prom. I knew there was a lot of hype around prom but I went in with an open mind and I had one of the best nights.

I had gone with a date, who I had asked, but it is perfectly fine going with just friends and not with a date. The whole date concept is something that is implanted in our heads so I thought it would be better to go with a good friend of mine to have fun one night before I leave for school.

My track teammate mentioned I looked like Angelina Jolie in my dress and I literally died! After a fun night at prom we ended up at a burger joint by my school known as Steak and Shake where we pretended to be rich people who wear such clothing as an everyday thing. Although my feet did hurt, I could not have asked for anything else. I am going to miss everyone next year.

Dress: Camille La Vie | Bangle: Lord & Taylor | Shoes: Lord & Taylor | Earrings: Lord & Taylor | Corsage: Safeway | Date: Heaven

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Pre-Order Her Campus’s First Book

Hey everyone! Despite it snowing outside right now, I would like to wish you a Happy First Day of Spring!

I have came to inform you that my favorite people at Her Campus is publishing their first book! Having been an High School Ambassador and part of the Blogger Network, I am excited for the many achievements they have done. Her Campus is a well known article based websites covering all different issues from feminism to the best ways to contour.

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Her Campus reaches out to all different types of women, and men, with their helpful articles. With The Her Campus Guide to College Life: How to Manage Relationships, Stay Safe and Healthy, Handle Stress, and Have the Best Years of Your Life, helps with everything that college has to offer.

If you are nervous about starting college or thinking about life afterwards, this book is amazing for covering questions that no one has answers for.

Make sure you preorder the book here and you will receive an invitation for an exclusive Google Hangout with Her Campus co-founders Stephanie, Windsor and Annie.

Fool’s Gold | OOTD

Today is like my 10th snow day and I have put an outfit together, took okay pictures and filmed a video and it is 11:30 am. This has been the most productive morning for a while and I felt like Christie’s Closet for some weird reason. Maybe because I was playing around with my clothes.


Top: Brandy Melville | Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: DSW | Necklace: Urban Outfitters

So how are you spending your snow day?

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Single Girls Valentine’s Day Present

As Valentine’s Day is coming closer and every couple has been sucking face, it comes down to those who will sadly not be receiving and chocolate or flowers tomorrow. For those who are not going to receive a treat from anyone, why not have a treat for yourself?

I am a girl who loves Gossip Girl, like most girls. For Christmas, I got a Chuck Bass sweater and for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Ed Westwick himself is releasing a t-shirt with him most famous line.


I cannot wait to receive this shirt! I love the sweater and I hope you guys will buy this beautiful person as well! Buy this shirt here!

Just because you don’t have a boy to share the love with, loving yourself is way more important. Treat yourself with anything and remember it is just another day.

Disclaimer: This picture is not mine and this is NOT sponsored. 

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Winter Nights | OOTD

Hey everyone! How has life been treating you? I recently finished midterms and am so pleased on the grades I got in French and APUSH (it was a 77 but still good enough). I really want to get back into blogposts and keeping up on outfits so here is one from last Christmas.

My family and I went to Downtown Annapolis to see some of the lights they had to offer and why not do it on Christmas when everyone is inside and celebrating? It was cold but it was nice to be able to walk on the streets without cars running us over. I will hopefully include a vlog about my Christmas.

 Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset 075 087 090 091

Top: Urban Outfitters | Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Jacket: Forever 21

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Today marks the end of a year, another chapter in my life and let me say that 2014 was kind of crazy. It was not amazing as 2011 but there were many major parts to it. This past year started off with me waking up in Aspen, Colorado. I have not been on a plane since I was 9 and this was a new adventure for me. The next few months I have been surprising getting good grades.

In February, for the first time by myself, I went by plane to Florida to visit my grandparents. Having cried both going and coming (I can’t believe I did that) I have matured on traveling the world by myself.

In April, around Easter, I had received the sacrament of Reconciliation through my school. I had told the priest how I was such a bad person to myself. How I blamed everything on me and he said that it was very brave to not blame it on someone else. He told me that it was the devil trying to disconnect me from God and if I ever had bad thoughts again that I should let it slip and think of something else. That literally changed my whole state of mind including eventually achieving my goal for that school year, being happy.

In July, I had a chance to be able to go to New York and study fashion with a summer class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I made new friends and hope to go again next year to learn more.

I had moved from JV to my school’s Varsity dance team and I finally realized the meaning behind hard work. Pushing yourself will eventually lead you to a goal you’ve been wanting. For me is to be more fit and be more flexible.

In August and going into September, two people I have known had passed away. One was a student I had gone to middle school with and to hear how he died literally ripped my heart out. We were never really good friends at school, but I did have a crush on him in 8th grade. I guess you never know how corrupted society could be until someone disappears forever. The other was my old math teacher, a lady who used to scare the life out of me. She also helped me achieve better grades in math. I learned more from her teaching style than anyone else.

Also in September, I had a chance to be able to go to the Ed Sheeran concert along with 2 of my friends and had the time of my life for my 17th birthday.

In October, I had to drop some friends who were not helping me mentally. Having people around who made you confused on if they were really your friends or just people around eventually going to hurt you. Knowing they were doing things without me and lying to me was devastating and I eventually stopped talking to them and moved on to hanging out with people who I talked to but really hung out. I do not have many friends but I realized that they did not have to make me feel bad about myself or gossip about others to have fun. It really did not matter if they are considered ‘weird’ they are better friends than everyone in the school.

In November, my homecoming look I had submitted was placed on the Teen Vogue website.


This has been a major dream of mine to be either on their website, or on their magazine. I hope to be able to put myself out their more and can not wait to put together new outfits for others to see.

In December, I had reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube channel and been thinking too much. Oblivion scares me and I feel like I am trapped inside a bubble. I am stuck in a place with something I do not want to do and I want to be putting my name out there, exploring life. Life doesn’t last forever, I just want to be remembered somehow. Currently being a high school student, I cannot do much. All I want is to reach out to others, create something big and creative, travel the world and give the world a lasting impression of me.

In 2015, I hope to be able to travel more places. I will be traveling to London and Paris this summer. I am going to looking at colleges, in South Carolina maybe New York and Boston. Next month I will be going to Florida to support my team as they compete in Nationals.

I hope to make new friends. I hope to meet new people who I can easily connect with and not be afraid that they are going to hurt me in some way. I want to reconnect with old friends who once made me happy. I had lost touch with others after I moved and I hope to be confident and reach out to others.

I also hope to discover more about me. I had learned more about my strengths and weaknesses (photography a maybe?). I love making videos and fashion. I love concerts and indie and punk rock music. I love my marketing class and I want to own my business and boutique some day. I get jealous of people who have once hurt me achieving one of my goals in life. I cannot do a turning disk. Baking is a major no-no for as much as I want to buy every baking kit out there. I also learned that I tend to push more people away than keep in touch them.

In 2015, I hope to be a better person than I was this year.