Lovely Day to Watch a Croquet Game

Today is the annual Naval Academy vs St. John’s College croquet game. My friend Kelly and I had gone to see what the situation was all about. After getting a little anxious over the alcohol people were drinking, all the smokers and seeing kids from school that I cannot deal with because their those type of people, I felt better. We hung out with the band and I even was pulled in to dance with a guy who I believed to be drunk. Afterwards, we had gotten ice cream after the very hot day.

IMG_3859 IMG_3862 IMG_3868

e thought he had a rather fun outfit.


Reminder for next year, bring a group, boys, food, picnic blankets, and shorter shoes to dance in.


He had a bear hat thing that many kids too pictures with.

I tried to take a picture of my shoes but I thought my shadow looked like I was at Coachella.







My new motto.





Always to stop by Navette to check out new their latest items.




Just a girl trying to be a Southern Belle.

I could tell you who won but I do not understand how the sport works.

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My Week on Fashion Avenue

Hey everyone! I recently traveled to the great city of New York to take a fashion class at Fashion Institute of Technology. I learned how to put pictures that I love (people, places, objects, etc.) into a journal based on similarity and by that I can create pieces of clothing, so actually I can just grab some fabric and create these pieces of clothing which maybe I should try! SO if you subscribe here to my YouTube, wait for my vlog for the week soon and you can see my drawings! I was extremely nervous on the first day, including a small panic attack but it was awesome and I don’t know why I was so nervous! So here are the few pictures that I got while I was there, both on my phone and camera because my camera card was being a meanie and filling up on me without my knowing before we left and I didn’t have time to change it. I know these photos are random, I’m sorry.IMG_2981 IMG_2982
Our hotel was in the floral district and I thought I could try to be artsy by doing this. 
OIMG_2983 IMG_2984
We later gone to the “Largest Department Store in the World” known as Macys in Herald Square and I felt a bit anxious in it because I did not know where I was and it was a big maze.
IMG_2985 IMG_2987
We than went to H&M, which I bought a $15 dress and literally loved these lights .

IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2994
American Apparel

IMG_2995 IMG_2996

My mom showed the Fashion Walk of Fame she found while I was at school one day and we decided to walk along it and saw one of my favorite designers!

IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_3001 IMG_3002

This is literally my new favorite dress from H&M and hopefully will buy it one day.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

IMG_3541 IMG_3545
Outside the H&M in Times Square, there was a filming crew and I so badly wanted to know what was being filmed but they quickly moved on because of the crowd during rush hour.

IMG_3525 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
We had took a very scary pedicab ride to Tiffany’s. Lets just say I almost cried because I was walking right by the place my favorite actress was so many years ago.
IMG_3626 IMG_3640
Going the wrong way! Tehe!
Last lunch at camp calls for pictures!

Taking over the fashion world, one selfie at a time!

As soon as class ended, I headed back to hotel so my mom and I can quickly get to Penn Station to take the train home. I felt a bit anxious and pretty much as soon as our train was announced, I literally was almost trampled by the mass of people going to our train. The originally 3 hour train into 6 after we had gone to Philly because of the storm and lets just say no one was happy and it would have been better to drive 2 hours from Philly to home.

I would say that taking a fashion class may seem nervous, but if it is something that you like to do it shouldn’t feel like hardwork. Learning how I can create something just by flipping through a magazine was so much fun.

Check out my vlogs on my YouTube channel! Sorry if my voice is annoying.

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Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I have received a few or less comments (more like one) on my Surviving the First Day of School post, about how I should have more real life or advice columns. As I could not think of anything going on school wise, I thought of how I had something that kind of affects some others.

I never fully understood the true meaning of ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic attacks’ but they are truly one of the most unpleasant feelings. I have been dealing with these for I do not know how long, but it seems like a very long time. I recently started noticing it ever since my 7th Grade Science Fair and I could not breath the whole time to school and as soon as I stepped into the building, I called my mom to pick me up since I was crying hysterically along with that I could not breath and I was overwhelmed.

To me, I get this feeling of pressure against my chest which makes me feel uncomfortable and I literally can not breath. It would either last a few minutes or it could go on for a very long time. I usually experience with them by over thinking (which I try not to do and is kind of a bad thing) or worrying about something that would potentially happen or it would randomly just happen.

Yes, many people do experience panic attacks but they most likely get over them, while others, including me have been suffering from them. Just a few days ago, I had came to school not being able to breath and as soon I was picked up, I felt the very same but it seemed worse as that I also had a cold and my nose was stuffy so that made it worse. My mom (who also suffers with it also) told me that I could always go to ER if I would like, but that would just freak me out more.

Panic attacks to me are very serious and sometimes I would cry because of the feeling that it had caused me. Sadly I get them sometimes before school, which is not a good thing because I have to be there for the next 2 or so years. Also this is why I am pretty much lazy, because whenever I do something it will spark it and that is why I am afraid to go to my dance classes sometimes because it hurts a little. I stay in my house most weekends doing nothing because I cannot go outside and face my fear of getting a panic attack. I cannot even text my close friends and I will never understand how that affects me in that way. I always feel like that there is a rock against my chest with water filling it up and I am scared.

But I have found other ways to avoid getting panic attacks.

  1. Exercise, it helps sometimes and it is a great way to stay fit. It will also lessen the frequency.
  2. Go against it and do something adventurous even if you get a panic attack.
  3. Keep breathing, try as hard as you can even if it hurts.
  4. Don’t be scared, do not overthink. Put a reminder in your phone not to overthink at all.
  5. Get a self-help book or talk to someone about and maybe they will help you.

I really appreciate that you guys are reading this. I really want to help you all with anything that has been bothering you and panic attacks have been bothering me lately so I may not include a lot as I could, I hope you check our my favorite fashion blogger/YouTuber Zoella (click on her name) who also has both a video and a post with anxiety and panic attacks advice which I know will be helpful.

If you need advice for anything, just tweet me, instagram me, or leave a comment and I will try my best to help.

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Farmer Geek to Summer Chic

Recently I have been obsessed with Tumblr and Instagram, even though its summer time and I should be outside. I have spotted some of my favorite actresses and models and such wearing the latest thing in fashion ever since the mustaches, and that is saying something since they have been popular for the past few years (I don’t know how long they are going to last).

And I am currently obsessed of wanting them, even though I really thought they were geeky once. Overalls is the name and here is a couple of people who are playing the game.


Ana Mulvoy Ten


Alli Simpson


Acacia Brinley



If you want to be part of the trend, I suggest checking out Topshop , Asos and other clothing stores that might have them, including thrift shops.

And it is also a way to be apart of the denim trend. Along with different styles and patterns that will suit how you will like it.

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures.

To Be A Princess



Scrolling through my Facebook dash (hiding my Tumblr from my mom) and texting my best friend Maria, it seems like everyone has been going to Disney World, while I’m stuck in my boring little town of Maryland.

I started dreaming about the magical world of Disney with characters like Peter Pan and Snow White and far off places like Neverland and Wonderland. Then I got to thinking of the beautiful castles that light up at the night, the places where the princesses and princes stay and live. Since recently Belle and the Beast’s castle is now opened to the public, I wondered what it was like to be a princess, what exactly are the qualities.

Just last year I was a few of those who wanted to dress up as a princess for Princess Teddy Bear Tea Party, sadly I wasn’t picked but I learned a little from the experience.

To Be a Princess:

  • You are not perfect, you don’t have to look like all the models in the magazine or don’t have to wear the pounds of make up you see on other girls.
  • Make mistakes means learning from them.
  • Falling down doesn’t mean its the end, you will always have bad times.
  • Get through the tough times strong.
  • Be someone you would want to be.
  • Believe in yourself no matter what you go through.
  • Be unique.
  • Stand up for your beliefs.

You are you and do not change anything about yourself because being you is perfect.

I had found this video from Disney which is hopefully more inspiring by 10000000000000% then I wrote above. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it and inspire you to like it inspired me too.

P.S. I do not own the picture or the video.

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Say “No” To The Thigh Gap


For me, being in high school there is all this pressure to be perfect. I have been affected by this pressure to be perfect even when I was little and I somewhat gave in because all it seemed like was people appreciated the skinny pretty girls than the others who didn’t really care about that stuff and was weird and well I was the weird girl. Which had led me to be depressed and suicidal.

Ever since I have been on Tumblr, I have been confident of who I am since I found girls who didn’t care what they looked like, but recently there have been these posts of skinny girls and I have been getting these thoughts that I should be like that. A few months ago, I kind of considered of getting an eating disorder since I felt too fat, but I loved food too much to give it all up.

Recently on the news I have been spotting reports on the thigh gap and including my poise and proper teacher Maria Woods has been speaking about it on the news (which I’ll be posting at the end). I thought that getting something this popular wasn’t going to be much of a risk and since it started all this controversy, why should I even bother?

Being healthy is more important than being dead looking skinny. If you want to be skinny, exercise and eat healthy, don’t starve yourself like I have done a few times. Look up to people like Jennifer Lawrence who would rather be fat than anorexic, and consider Anne Hathaway who was hesitate to play in Les Mis of how much weight she lost and she couldn’t sleep and she felt like was about to die.

Don’t feel like that! Unless you take care about yourself that is important, get off those sites that make you think that you should be model skinny because they aren’t taking care of themselves at all. I have heard they only drink shakes up until the day of the show where they don’t even drink water and that is very risky. If you are pressured by those around you, just ignore them and if you friends want you to have one than they are not your friends anyway.

Its more important to know what you would rather be called, “Dead looking” or “Healthy”. Its time to say “no” to the thigh gap and say yes to loving who you are since no one is fat, they are who they are and they can’t change that.

People just need to realize that judging girls and making fun of them will only hurt them. That is why we are all hurt because of how others see perfect woman which isn’t right. We shouldn’t be that perfect for anyone since perfect is boring.

Say “I don’t have a thigh gap and I am happy about that!”


Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect- Demi Lovato

P.S. I don’t have anything against thigh gaps since I wish I could be able to get one but this post if for thoses who don’t have one

Kid Choice Awards 2013 Fashion

I’ve been scouring the internet for fashion that celebs have worn to the 2013 KCAs. Yes, I regret to say I have watched it (but Logan Lerman was there!). So I have put together my favorite fashions of the night, I mean that night.

I Do NOt OWn Any Of These Pictures

download (1)

Zendaya’s outfit is so cute! I’m trying to find a pastel sweater with a floral skirt! I love how she paired the outfit with a bejeweled Peter Pan collar! But I kinda wish she paired it with different shoes. Also rooting for you on Dancing With the Stars so rock that sassy walk!


Oh Lucy Hale! Apparently you are kinda my twin (well more like Aria) from what my friends say and let me say OMG VERY RETRO! I have this obsession with the black and white fashion trend! Its so cute!

images (1)

The House of the Anubis Girls! (From Left) If you don’t know these flawless beings, they include Jade Ramsey, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Klariza Clayton, Tasie Lawrence and Ana Mulvoy Ten with a little peak of Burkely Duffield’s face. Jade’s outfit consists of the black and white trend with black little wedges (I freakin love wedges). Louisa is sparkly like a Christmas ornament and hopefully if she gets slimed, her shoes will hide the damage. Klariza has such a pretty ivory Jones and Jones dress with little designs which I thought were flowers at first but ended up being little triangles, but I’m not sure, but pretty cute with those heels. Tasie is prepared to be slimed with the green haute couture (yes I made that up) outfit. And last but not least Ana’s very flowery black and white top with a white feminine worky like skirt and black cute heels I wish I could look closer at. I could talk about Burkely and all but I’ll continue on.

images (2)


Yet again the black and white style! So retro (what ever that means. I keep saying it but I don’t know what it means). Those white heels… GIVE ME NOW (cue GIF). Not to be wrong or anything but is that suppose to be a long sweater or a sweater dress? What ever but I want her legs and her hair and yes I am jealous of her. Like seriously we are the same age and she is like Cleopatra when I look like Shrek’s foot! Oh well continue on…

images (4)

OMEG(Oh my effin gosh!) Selena Freakin Gomez! Like seriously can I please be you! I have to say this is, or was, my favorite outfit of the pass weekend! Pastel colors on Pastel colors! My most favorite trend for the spring which hopefully y’all learn.

There were defiantly other cute outfits but since its late at night I should sum it down to my most favorites.

I Do Not Own Any Of These Pictures!

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