Review: One Direction Makeup*

They are known all over the world for being the popular X Factor boyband One Direction! They have sold millions of records, their own perfume, toothbrushes and now their own makeup collection. Having million girls loving these boys, they came together and brought something out that can fit the unique girls who are in love with the British/Irish band! Every girl has her own personality so reflect out through each set. Find your own way to show everyone who you are by experimenting with each different set! Make sure you check out the “Take Me Home” and “Midnight Memories” set and see how you can stand out of the crowd. The collection have received was called “Up All Night”, a very bright, colorful, party makeup.


The makeup was absolutely fun to play with including a few messy mishaps all over my hands which will be included in a video. As you can see in the picture below, there are a lot of bright colors and a small little lookbook on how to put the eyeshadow on.

I LOVE this mascara, I have been wearing it ever since it came in the mail and I even brought it to dance camp. Even my mom loves to wear it! It is much better than the drugstore types. Unlike the drugstore mascaras, they do not clump on your lashes and when I put them on my bottom lashes, they don’t stand out so much.
I love these colors! The blue eye shadows are bright and go on rather smoothly. The sparkles are pretty but make sure you put on a few layers of it or it won’t be noticed. I used the skin color to outline my eyebrow bone and the light blue to outline my eye and on the corner of my eyelid. I added the sparkle shadow also on the corner and I thought it was a fun look.

I swear every time I test out the eyeliner on my skin, it is hard to take off! It is a good type of eyeliner that will stay on all day and night for a dark look. I love putting on eyeliner on my bottom lashes instead of my top and maybe you can try that some time!
This pastel pink lipstick, by the name “I Should Have Kissed You”, is not just great for a night look. Put it on during the day to a edgier outfit to make it more girly or play it up with a dress. This lipstick makes me feel like a total girly girl and it is just so much fun to wear!
Who doesn’t want a little hot pink lipstain? Personally, I can not wear this lip product as my skin is a color that makes it look weird on me. If you don’t want the whole va va voom factor on, which includes sparkles, I insist putting on “I Should Have Kissed You” first and applying this second. Also the cool thing is that this lipstain glows underneath UV lights!
I swear this color is so much fun! “Na Na Na” is a medium with a few sparkles that can give off a fun look without going too crazy! I swear you can wear this color any time of the year and it will perfectly work! This my “back to school” nail polish must have!
Who doesn’t have to draw on their body? If you want to spice up your look, try out the stencils which include so many fun designs. In my experience with these, I suggest using the blue eyeshadows instead of the eyeliner which I used. The big mistake I did was use the eyeliner and that kind of got messy! So try something that doesn’t get all over the place!

The One Direction Makeup Collection US Release Dates:
Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th

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* This post in sponsored by Markwins and Brandbacker but the opinions are  completely my own! Thank you so much for the opportunity on reviewing the products before they were released!

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Forever Alone Day


Also known as Valentine’s Day when all the people who are in love have a snog fest and give each other gifts that are either engagement rings or pieces of gum that you found on the bottom of your bag. But for me and maybe some others are being found alone during the super romantic day. I used to hate this day, but for this year I don’t know why I’m so excited. Maybe I can ask my homeroom teacher if I could wear anything heart related other than my uniform?

Though I do wish that some guy, well any guy to proclaim their love for me on this day would be great, but that is not what I’m gonna talk about. So for those who believe are gonna grow old and live with a million cats just because for the past few years they haven’t had someone special and I found a few ways to spend this dreadful yet amazing day.

  1. You can cry about it by watching romance movies like the Notebook or my favorite, a Walk to Remember. Be like, I want a romance like that and eat your feelings away or you can cry with your best friends for a girls night for those who are also single.
  2. Singles Party! Invite all your single friends and talk about how gushy the couples are while wearing dresses with flowers in your hair and embracing the freedom of not being in a relationship.
  3. Listen to Girl Power music like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato or Katy Perry. Maybe Taylor Swift if you want to feel bad, so  maybe not.
  4. Write, write, write on how everything is amazing without that special someone or how bad it is.
  5. Go see a movie like Warm Bodies for that really hot zombie! Just make sure to not bring a friend who gets easily scared of the badly made animations.
  6. Read a book, maybe something that involves no boys what so ever or you can cry over someone else’s romance like the Fault in Our Stars
  7. Or make Valentine’s handmade or store bought, with candy or with not (haha rhymed there). Give them to your friends, teachers, that special boy or even your cat. But you can eat it all.

Have fun this Valentine’s Day and remember its only 24 horrible hours to get through so don’t really do anything crazy unless its kissing that special boy!

Christmas List


As we all know that it is that time of year again, when the kitchen smells like baking goods and the Christmas tree is up and bright (I sound like Gossip Girl). Christmas is coming. Everywhere it might be snowing, but where I am currently there is no single drop of snow and it feels like summer time. So that is kind of disappointing. I was recently going through one of my favorite author’s blog, Ally Carter, and I was inspired by doing something similar to her list thing.

So this Christmas I want good things to happen

  1. World Peace, I know its a long way but with troubles going on around the world. Also helping with others and help with the Newtown members is what I really want to do even if its states away.
  2. Family time, our family has been busy recently and I just want to get back to those good old days. We are hoping to do our Christmas tradition: eating raviolis on Christmas Eve (that is what we Italian families do), tracking Santa online even though we were crushed of our little childhood, and stacking up presents on top of each other to make a little fort that my brothers and I have been doing since we were young.
  3. Dreams to Come True, in 2013, I’m going to take a stand and no matter how my parents might not like what I want, I’m taking my dreams into action. I’m going to take a step and watch as everything falls into place of what I’ve wanted since I was 6 years old.
  4. Finding Love, I always dreamt about meeting a handsome nice Prince Charming at a Christmas Ball with my in a red flowy dress and he has his eyes on me the whole night. But none of those fantasies, silly me for believing in fairy tales but they are more fun than real life. I know I always fall for the boys with the girlfriends, which I hate, but I hope something will go my way this year.
  5. Not Care What Society Thinks, I have dealt with bullying my whole life and I have blaming everything on me, even if something is not even my fault. I have these times where I am bullying myself more than I should. But I shouldn’t, I should be happy about myself and how I look and shouldn’t cry over pretty girls because I can’t look like them and I want to help those who are feeling poorly about themselves.

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays but make sure to have a Happy New Year!

P.S. I took the picture



SO 2 days ago, one of my favorite song writers, Taylor Swift (I call her T-Swizzle sometimes) has released her 4th album known as Red. (I wrote Red on my hand and was promoting it at school). Ms. Swift (trying to be sophiscated), has made an amazing album as always and I love how she is trying to explore new genres with her music. I love how she is taking risks, and trying to see how other artists do with their work and try to build on that new found talent. Having Speak Now written all by herself, she is willing to write with a few of her favorite songwriters, which include my favorite Ed Sheeran and Gary Light from Snow Patrol.

Surprisingly, I haven’t listen to the whole CD since I got it (I know, thats scary) but I’m am still trying to listen very closely to each word to find the stories that she is revealing in each one. She may write about love, but not most of them time, she did write some about her friends’ love lives and I hate when people say ‘gosh, she is so annoying with all these love songs about boy. what, has she like dated like 20?’ NO she hasn’t, well I don’t know about that for sure but that is what music is about to me, relating to others and having the same emotion.

I do miss the Fearless stage, but I believe she will be back there sometime in the future, but right now she does the best thing she can, write about life. There is some songs that are a bit pop, I heard maybe even dub step, but there is a few country songs that I’m proud of. For right now, I can’t wait until her 5th one in about 2 years and I can’t wait if there is something similar to Love Story (well more like the music video).

I suggest watching the Begin Again music video (its in PARIS!!) and listen to All Too Well (She writes with Liz ROse and together they are a work of art)!

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“It took me everything not to call you!” – Taylor Swift

P.S. She inspired me to play guitar!