How to Survive A College Football Game

Growing up no where near a college, I never went to a college football game so when it came to my first home game, I was nervous. And since my football team is part of the SEC, the most watched conference throughout football (Alabama is apart of the SEC), it was quite an affair.

There is a huge different between regular football teams and SEC teams, since the Gamecocks played against East Carolina it wasn’t considered an SEC game. SEC games involve tailgating with LOTS of Southern Food, fancy dresses and team spirit of course!

To go to an SEC, the outfits are both sophisticated and casual. Girls wear pearls, cowboy boots and rompers while the boys wore tennis shoes, button ups and bow ties. The rules I heard were if it was SEC official game, I was suppose to wear a dress but since it wasn’t I wore a jersey matching with my very cute boyfriend. The way I see it and many others that it shouldn’t matter what type of game it is, just wear what is considered comfortable.img_2891

The next thing is to hang out with friends. Since my boyfriend had his family tailgating, we did’t need to worry about that. We brought a few of our friends over to have some food and meet his family. Since I am considered a ‘Yankee’, a family member of his suggested I try a piece of a Southern brand bread, it was literally the same thing as regular bread. And I had a bunch of hot dogs because I am such a picky eater.

Friends make everything more fun!

The game is always fun, USC is known for their chant during the song Odyssey: 2001 and their sand storming with towels. Being very high up was scary but it didn’t bother me too much once that game started. Seeing everyone from the school showing pride made me so excited for my next few years!

Although we are not the best team in the SEC, we do show a lot of spirit! Remember to stay safe before, during and after the game. It is always fun when you get into the school spirit and being goofy with your friends!


I Wonder… | A Poem

I wonder who I am going to fall in love with.
Is he someone that I would soon meet when I trip over a sidewalk in the city or someone that I have known for a few years from school?
Is he just a stranger passing or one who is currently poking my cheeks?
I wonder if he is in love with someone else right now or is too busy to care and too focused on life.
Is he happy in his life right now or just simply hanging on small piece of thread about to break?
Does he have blonde hair with freckles aligning his noise or does he have brown hair with rosy cheeks?
Does he have his life planned or is he just waiting to be hit with inspiration?
I wonder if we will hang out in the back of the library reading broken down books or in a corner of a party where I comfort your drunken sorrows.
Does he have blue hair with stretched earlobes or does he dress up to go to Church every Sunday with his family?
I wonder if he drinks his coffee with lots of cream or does he take tea with honey instead.
Is he an only child not liking all the attention or does he come from a dysfunctional family with a loving dog?
I wonder what his t-shirt would smell like when I slip it on a sunny Sunday morning and how he eats his pancakes.
I wonder if I am going to plan the future with him.
I wonder if he is ever going to love me as much as I love him. 


If you do not know, Summer is coming soon to the States and those in the Northern Hemisphere. School is ending soon and I am pretty sure most of you are hoping to be able to make the most of it before the last day. I decided to put together a few dares that I hope you guys get the most of these last few days. I came up with this concept as we all know how to play Truth or Dare, being safe I always choose Truth. But having realized exactly how short life is, why not do something that I have never done before.

  1. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for that person. Do not think that someone else is going to stop it, you will feel better about yourself if you helped someone else.
  2. I know senioritis hurts everyone even those who are not in high school, but at least try to study and do your best within the next couple of days/weeks. Remember, your teen years define your future.
  3. Rekindle some friendships, no matter who it is. Just a simple hey to someone at school or long distant that you once talked to can go far.
  4. Go to school without makeup. I know you girls love to paint on your face like I do, but take a few extra minutes to sleep and go to school with your head held high proud of how you look.
  5. Talk to that guy in your English class(or wherever) that you have been slightly admiring from a far, but being friends is at least a good start.
  6. Get that one person’s number that you have been pining over to get, maybe its that cutie that you talk in your History class or just a new friend that you want to hang out with this summer.
  7. Eat healthy, I have been trying to do this a lot within the past year. Stop eating Cheeze-its, start working out, drink lots of water and do not starve yourself and your body will thank you.
  8. And love yourself. Society is a cruel thing that has hurt so many people, including myself. It is hard to look beyond what others say but just try to because it is worth it.

Remember dares are all about getting out of your comfort zone, your heart pumping and those butterflies in your stomach with the feeling of throwing up but it will be all worth it one day. If you do any of these dares, please tell me and what happened.

I love you and hope you make the most of these next few weeks.

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That Boy

You know that boy, the one you always see when you walk through the hall. He is either with his friends or alone, but out of everyone you spot him, only him. How his hair shines in the very horrible lighting in the school and his smile is to die for, his laugh just makes you smile the biggest you can. But you know you can’t. He is one of the ‘cool’ kids, he probably wouldn’t care, would he? About someone who he barely talks to…

A Dreamer

I was once was the girl who used to dream too much
With the rose petals in my hair
But I dreamt I go far in life but tend to get stuck
Since all I ever do was to care
Maybe something came over me one day
That made trails of my thoughts ran through my head
I had never thought I would come this way
Keeping in thoughts and not write then out instead
Believing in far off places was nothing normal
Maybe something like a miracle could happen
To make like some corny fairy tale
That was like some way for me to have him
But life isn’t fair by how fate works
For I have loved a boy once and he is gone
Didn’t care for me that is kind of one of the perks
Of being shy with an imagination that I didn’t share to one
I knew how like treated dreamers as those are pathetic
As much I tried to go on it was hard to believe
So I had become somewhat what I call a realist
Since nothing special like a boy would ever like me
But I know a fact that if I keep dreaming
That maybe I’m not done childish one at all
That believing is more than just seeing
That one day, I’ll pray to God that I will fall
Maybe in the place I’ve wanted to be in the world
Maybe known for miles and miles and loved by him
Even though I have big dreams in a place and I am a girl
I know for a fact that I’ll make a change even if its slim

Disclaimer: I do not own photo but I do own the poem


Obsession of the Week: Week 2

Love her outfit
Love her outfit

Its been a while since I’ve last posted even about the obsessions of the week, but it won’t be a while until spring break when hopefully I’ll update again. School has taken over my life and life has come with some sorts of surprises so I felt like doing something short for now.

Song: Heart Attack by Demi Lovato

TV: Red Widow

Accessories: Barrett with a cute things on it

Outfit: Topanga’s lace dress with black tights and combat books

Actor: Sterling  Beaumon from Red Widow (like seriously he has gotten hotter since Mostly Ghostly)

Video: After Ever After Disney Parody by Paint

Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Character: Stiles from Teen Wolf (Played by the amazingly hot Dylan O’Brein)

Clothing: Cut Out Sweater from NastyGal

Couple: Allison and Scott from Teen Wolf

Trend: 60’s Fashion

So thats for now! See you during Spring Break!



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