LUSH Product Review

I have been wanting this lip scrub from LUSH for a while now and I haven’t found it until today when me and a few of my friends went shopping at the mall!

My friend Jordan ( has like a little of obsession with the store, he has bought way too many of their products so I decided to try one!



Before I had gotten it, I had read the reviews on the website which were mixed so I tried it out myself. I don’t exactly know what a scrub is but this product is used to scrub off the dead skin upon your lips before using any lipstick or lip gloss. There is no water to this unless you consider your saliva because all you need to wash it off is to lick your lips clean. My lips feel nice afterwards and there is a nice bubble gum taste in your mouth. I find the surface of the scrub a little bit grainy like sand or hard candy but thank God it is not hard on my lips!

All these pictures are my own!

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Doctor Who Review

I would like to thank everyone who appreciated my last blog post on a  teen girl problem. Since I have no idea what to do now, except obsess over a school that I have watched 2 seasons within 2 weeks. The show is an popular series over in the United Kingdom and all over the world. Including that it is very popular with the Tumblr kids for other than Sherlock, its been on my dash. I skipped the 1st season because I only knew who the Tenth Doctor was and since then I don’t want him to leave, even though he will.

Doctor Who is a Science Fiction Television series on the BBC that has been going on for about 50 years or so. Its about a Time Lord known as the Doctor travelling through time and even in space with help of his companions which changes over time, including his face. Battling people from aliens to ghosts and even much more with help of his fancy dancy tools including the Police Box known as the Tardis. 

My favorite companion so far would have to be Rose Tyler (played by the beautiful Billie Piper) and I swore that the Doctor and Rose would get together. I seriously now have a fictional crush on the Tenth Doctor since I have seen Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with him as Barty Crouch, I thought he was some nut job but he is a better nut job!

The show consists of different British Actors including Andrew Garfield (Spiderman) and Freema Agyeman (Carrie Diaries) with much more!

Inspiration Board

I do not own this!
I do not own this!

Diclaimer: I do not own the picture! It was from Lauren Conrad’s Instagram and I was just too lazy to take a picture of mine!

If maybe Pinterest really isn’t your thing but you wanna keep all those pretty things together, what do you do? Start an inspiration board! Recently I have been scrolling mindlessly through Tumblr and Instagram and YouTube which is such a normal thing that I usually maybe every 5 seconds! So recently I have discovered MacBarbie07 on YouTube and I literally am OBSESSED with her! Not the creepy obsessed like I’m a stalker and… well I mean I like her fashion, videos and DIY.

I had watched her roomspiration video and I found this really cool room idea since I have recently moved this past summer and I have finally got my own room without living in a rented home so I can actually Elyseify my room! (And yes Elyseify is word, but sadly the Oxford people haven’t heard of it to put it in the dictionary). She had printed out pictures that she really liked and was going to stick them on her wall in the shape of a heart. If you want to do that, well that sounds really fun! I have also noticed that my friend Sam has an inspiration board on her notebook and maybe Lauren Conrad does too, she had it on Instagram.

If you don’t know what an Inspiration Board, its a place where you put pictures that you love and give you this happy and giddly feeling and you are inspire by it.

Since I have magazines since May 2012 and its February 2013, it was time to do a clean out. I have started what I called my “magazine” sometime last year but I never got up to date with it. So I had cut out the pictures and articles that I liked and then threw away the old magazines (even including the One Direction ones, tear).

To Elyseify my room, I have looked online and have saved pictures from Instagram and Tumblr to a folder which was originally for photoshoot ideas since for Christmas I have gotten a Canon (my new baby!) and was hoping to take very artsy pictures. I was thinking once I get ink in my printer I was going to print the pictures and stick them on my walls so my room doesn’t look like a boring white blob.

My tips to find pictures is like maybe Google, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and maybe even your like pages on Facebook (or is that dead yet). Try to either put the pictures on your wall, a scrap book, a notebook, a bulletin board or even your locker and it will be very funky and cool and give you that giddly feeling!

So get creative with it!

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Coming UP!

Hi since you’ve noticed I changed it from Wanderlust to Alis Chic, I did not like the url and I wanted something different, like using the name the workers that wrote on my first coffee ever from Starbucks. I have been busy with high school and midterms are coming up but so is winter break and here is what I hope to have up during break and next year.

  • More Tutorials
  • More about clothes and trends
  • Make Up
  • Nail Art
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Make my own clothing
  • Interview people (trying to start next year with one of my favorite British actress if Iget the courage to ask her)
  • More Pictures
  • My writings
  • and more if I could think of any
  • Or high school experiences
  • And there will be a Christmas Post coming soon!

Stay Tuned



SO 2 days ago, one of my favorite song writers, Taylor Swift (I call her T-Swizzle sometimes) has released her 4th album known as Red. (I wrote Red on my hand and was promoting it at school). Ms. Swift (trying to be sophiscated), has made an amazing album as always and I love how she is trying to explore new genres with her music. I love how she is taking risks, and trying to see how other artists do with their work and try to build on that new found talent. Having Speak Now written all by herself, she is willing to write with a few of her favorite songwriters, which include my favorite Ed Sheeran and Gary Light from Snow Patrol.

Surprisingly, I haven’t listen to the whole CD since I got it (I know, thats scary) but I’m am still trying to listen very closely to each word to find the stories that she is revealing in each one. She may write about love, but not most of them time, she did write some about her friends’ love lives and I hate when people say ‘gosh, she is so annoying with all these love songs about boy. what, has she like dated like 20?’ NO she hasn’t, well I don’t know about that for sure but that is what music is about to me, relating to others and having the same emotion.

I do miss the Fearless stage, but I believe she will be back there sometime in the future, but right now she does the best thing she can, write about life. There is some songs that are a bit pop, I heard maybe even dub step, but there is a few country songs that I’m proud of. For right now, I can’t wait until her 5th one in about 2 years and I can’t wait if there is something similar to Love Story (well more like the music video).

I suggest watching the Begin Again music video (its in PARIS!!) and listen to All Too Well (She writes with Liz ROse and together they are a work of art)!

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“It took me everything not to call you!” – Taylor Swift

P.S. She inspired me to play guitar!