Nordstrom’s Beauty Show


Hey y’all!! So as a storm is brewing outside my house I would like to thank you all for liking my latest post and also following me which I hope I can make great friends out of all of you!

Today I had gotten up at 6:45 am (on a Saturday!) for a beauty fashion show at the nearest Nordstrom. It was literally the first real Fashion even that I have gone to, more like I have seen an ad and my mom and I got tickets. I had gotten a Swag Bag with actual useful items (including perfume). It was all about the new style products and trends for the upcoming season (including black and white, my favorite!).

SO I would like to share some picture that I tried to take since sadly my phone has a bad camera.







Look at this hot man!!!





My outfit (sorry for my face):
Skirt: American Eagle
Shirt: Pacsun
Belt: My mom’s closet
Vest: Abercrombie (funny story, I used to be this very husky kid back in 6th grade when I originally got a jean jacket but since it was big on me, I cut the sleeves off recently.)

P.S. Can someone tell me how to make a Canon have a timer and such?

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Inspiration Board

I do not own this!
I do not own this!

Diclaimer: I do not own the picture! It was from Lauren Conrad’s Instagram and I was just too lazy to take a picture of mine!

If maybe Pinterest really isn’t your thing but you wanna keep all those pretty things together, what do you do? Start an inspiration board! Recently I have been scrolling mindlessly through Tumblr and Instagram and YouTube which is such a normal thing that I usually maybe every 5 seconds! So recently I have discovered MacBarbie07 on YouTube and I literally am OBSESSED with her! Not the creepy obsessed like I’m a stalker and… well I mean I like her fashion, videos and DIY.

I had watched her roomspiration video and I found this really cool room idea since I have recently moved this past summer and I have finally got my own room without living in a rented home so I can actually Elyseify my room! (And yes Elyseify is word, but sadly the Oxford people haven’t heard of it to put it in the dictionary). She had printed out pictures that she really liked and was going to stick them on her wall in the shape of a heart. If you want to do that, well that sounds really fun! I have also noticed that my friend Sam has an inspiration board on her notebook and maybe Lauren Conrad does too, she had it on Instagram.

If you don’t know what an Inspiration Board, its a place where you put pictures that you love and give you this happy and giddly feeling and you are inspire by it.

Since I have magazines since May 2012 and its February 2013, it was time to do a clean out. I have started what I called my “magazine” sometime last year but I never got up to date with it. So I had cut out the pictures and articles that I liked and then threw away the old magazines (even including the One Direction ones, tear).

To Elyseify my room, I have looked online and have saved pictures from Instagram and Tumblr to a folder which was originally for photoshoot ideas since for Christmas I have gotten a Canon (my new baby!) and was hoping to take very artsy pictures. I was thinking once I get ink in my printer I was going to print the pictures and stick them on my walls so my room doesn’t look like a boring white blob.

My tips to find pictures is like maybe Google, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and maybe even your like pages on Facebook (or is that dead yet). Try to either put the pictures on your wall, a scrap book, a notebook, a bulletin board or even your locker and it will be very funky and cool and give you that giddly feeling!

So get creative with it!

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Phone Cover Nails


Says it all in the name, not really phone covers that are for nails but painting your nails to look exactly like your phone cover. Just like the picture above (which is not mine) where her nails match the gold on her case. I wish I could paint my nails like my phone case (which is the London Flag) and be like ‘look how cool my British nails are! They match my phone case!’

So I thought I would like to share this trend since I haven’t updated since last year (yup! I’m doing those jokes!). I have midterms coming up so I won’t be on for a while so happy 2013!!!

Set goals for yourself!

P.S.S I do not own the picture!

Coming UP!

Hi since you’ve noticed I changed it from Wanderlust to Alis Chic, I did not like the url and I wanted something different, like using the name the workers that wrote on my first coffee ever from Starbucks. I have been busy with high school and midterms are coming up but so is winter break and here is what I hope to have up during break and next year.

  • More Tutorials
  • More about clothes and trends
  • Make Up
  • Nail Art
  • Book and Movie Reviews
  • Make my own clothing
  • Interview people (trying to start next year with one of my favorite British actress if Iget the courage to ask her)
  • More Pictures
  • My writings
  • and more if I could think of any
  • Or high school experiences
  • And there will be a Christmas Post coming soon!

Stay Tuned

Tutorial: Sparkly Nails


Hello this is Stephanie and I will be telling you how to make sparkly nails.

Step 1: First you most pick a of you chose and a clear coat.

– now you can just use the clear coat if you would like, but this is your chose for it is your nails.

Step 2: Secondly you most find some type of sparkles.

-P.S. Sparkly nail polish is cheating for this is with loose sparkles. How ever you can still do it with sparkly nail polish and I this                              will work just fine. 😛

Step 3: Thirdly lay you supplies out. Know the nail polish you will use, then put some sparkles in a plate (or something like that), and lay something down so you do not damage or over sparkle the thing you are working on.

Step 4: Apply the nail polish of your chose

Step5: while the nail polish is still wet drag (all but the one finger if you  would like) just the tips through the sparkles. (if you didn’t do that to one finger then place that one (or all of them if you wish) flat down in the sparkles.

Step6: Sixthly try to shake off the extra sparkles and rub off the sparkle that ended up on you finger and not the nail.

Step7: Seventhly put a clear coat on top so the sparkles will stay (sometimes you may need to do it more then once and that is okay)

Hope you had fun doing this I know that I did when I did it. Also you will get many complements! 😀

And again this was by Stephanie ❤

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Striped Nails

53742a8626a011e29fe522000a1f97ce_5As I wait for my friend and new co-worker finish her Nail Art article, I feel like I should do one of my own. I know I should be doing my essay for biology right now, but this is more fun.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Mermaid Tears Nail Polish (Can use whatever you want, but I chose this)
Silver Nail Polish

Step 1: Cut tiny pieces of tape (I didn’t do that before I started so it was kinda tricky). Make sure not to stick them on yet.

Step 2: Paint 1 or 2 layers of the nailpolish on your fingers (in my case it was the Mermaid Tears nail polish).

Step 3: Wait for the polish to dry and then place tape over the dried polish, try to make designs. I made stripes and tried a diamond but it did not work out that well than I hoped for. Make sure the tape extends over the nail so its easy to take off after next step.

Step 4: Paint the silver polish over the fingers including the tap.

Step 5: Peel off tape (can do it when the polish is dry, I didn’t because I was too excited).

Step 6: ENJOY!

Halloween Nails!

This is what they will hopefully look like!

Disclaimer: Read the bottom, I don’t own anything except for wanting to share the idea


Guess what happens 2 week from tomorrow, Wednesday (its still Tuesday where I live)? HALLOWEEN!!!! Halloween happens to be me (and my mom’s) favorite holiday. I like to get dress up and just have fun with it, I was a Gallagher Girl last year so I didn’t go all out. I like how everyone is out at night, having fun, scaring people until they pee their pants and just getting candies from strangers, not caring if they poisioned it or not. So for the days that I’m free (means that I don’t have dance until like late at night which is Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, I’m too lazy on Saturday and Sunday) I will be doing nails, hair, makeup, whatever to get you into the Halloween spirit!! I kinda got the tutorials online but whatever!

So today, my first tutorial thing like ever is…. DUM ROLL PLEASE…….. SPIDER WEB NAILS!!! (I got them off an ad I saw on Facebook made by Disney, LOVE Disney!).

Okay so here we go!

Materials: (Possibly could be found at drug stores or where beauty supplies are sold)
Base Coat (I’m not sure what that really is but I hear it is important)
Sponge (Yes we will be sponging, not with Spongebob Squarepants, I don’t think he’ll like that)
White Nail Polish
Silver Glitter Polish
Black Striper or Tiny Paint Brush
Black Nail Polish (if needed)
Cottonswab (haha Stacey from Zoey 101)
Nail Polish Remover
Top Coat

Okay lets get started!!

Step 1: Start off with a base coat and sponge on some white nail polish on the tips of the nails (may need 2 layers to get it white).

Step 2: Apply the silver glitter polish over the white.

Step 3: The striper or tiny brush, with black nail polish, start with a line a 2 peaks like mountains to start the spider web. And another line right above the one you just made or if the first is two high up, maybe go underneath it.

Step 4: Then join the peaks with lines to finish the spider web.

Step 5 (Optional): Clean up around your nail with a cotton swab dab in nail polish remover to get rid of unwanted paint on your nails.

Step 6: Add a top coat to give it more shine.

Step 7: Show off your nails girlfriend!!!

I hope you have fun with this because I haven’t tried it, yet. So if you want to watch the video, I’ll post the link and hopefully it will explain it more than I can!

See you tomorrow hopefully!

(Don’t know any Halloween quotes)

– E

P.S. I don’t own anything, I just thought it was fun and I wanted to share it with everyone!