Prom 2016

High school has finally ended for me, so despite my busy schedule I had one last hurrah with my friends at prom. I knew there was a lot of hype around prom but I went in with an open mind and I had one of the best nights.

I had gone with a date, who I had asked, but it is perfectly fine going with just friends and not with a date. The whole date concept is something that is implanted in our heads so I thought it would be better to go with a good friend of mine to have fun one night before I leave for school.

My track teammate mentioned I looked like Angelina Jolie in my dress and I literally died! After a fun night at prom we ended up at a burger joint by my school known as Steak and Shake where we pretended to be rich people who wear such clothing as an everyday thing. Although my feet did hurt, I could not have asked for anything else. I am going to miss everyone next year.

Dress: Camille La Vie | Bangle: Lord & Taylor | Shoes: Lord & Taylor | Earrings: Lord & Taylor | Corsage: Safeway | Date: Heaven

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Life Update

Hey everyone! I am still here! Surprisingly, yes I am. I recently took a break from blogging from the past couple of months and I would like to share it with you. I have always been a quiet person although I am always open about everything, so here is what happened with in the past few months.

I quit my job at the beginning of the year to focus on my school work and the beginning of track season. I did like working with the clothing and it did help me become a better communicator but at the end it was not the right fit for me and I had to move on. I am not saying anything bad about my work but it became a rather negative experience towards the end and I knew it was time to leave.

I became involved with a boy for a short time, I had the biggest crush on him in the beginning of high school and around this time I it was starting to come back. Our time together made me happy and made me realize that maybe someone could actually like me. For my trying to show my feelings is hard and I tried to open up to him but I guess neither of us really were ready so we just stopped talking and I gave up trying to get a guy who did not really care for me.

Around that time, fashion and beauty and everything I had loved was nothing I really cared about. I got bored with it, but that is what happens when life gets too crazy and makes me forget my passions.

College has been a major part of my last few months of school and I proved myself wrong. I got into all but one of my colleges, even if my counselor said I would barely get in any. I got into the Fashion Institute of Technology and according to some people that it is quite an achievement getting in there, currently trying to find my acceptance but it might have been thrown out oops.

I am going to school at the University of South Carolina where I will be studying Public Relations with a  minor in Fashion Retailing or Sports and Entertainment Management. I am excited to start school and I already have my roommate who also happens to run track. No one understands my excitement to start! Go Cocks!

High school has recently ended for me and I am sad to leave my memories behind. I am sad that I did not have great relationships with some people but it is time to move on and grow up. I will miss high school and the people who were and were not in my life who made it the somewhat best of my life so far.

The past two years I have been trying to focus more on myself and my self worth. After the whole boy drama at the beginning of the year, I never understood how I did that earlier. I have depression and I am very open about it, I want to help people with similar issues that they can achieve happiness as well as me. But at the beginning of March, I fell back in my dark whole. Where I wanted to go to college was a question, I was scared I was going to fail and I did not want to grow up. But two months later, I am still trying to create a better mindset and I am excited for what my future holds.