Click! | A College Essay

As my college application process has finally ended, I wanted to share with you my favorite college essay from the College of Charleston Application. This could possibly help you in someways, or not, but I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Question: Your YouTube channel just hit one million views. Describe your most watched video.

Click! A video appeared on my computer screen and started playing. I was staring at myself as I was talking in the video I made months ago. My eyes drifted lower on the screen to the view count. I was stunned to see the high number of views. Click! I refreshed the page and another couple of views were added. Click! I refreshed the page again and the view count for my video had reached 1 million!  

I remember when I was filming this video, my nerves had me shaking at an all-time high as I tried to make the words flow. Now the same feeling I had when filming, was starting to form again in my stomach as I began to watch the video.

“How I Found Happiness” was one of the most popular videos on my YouTube channel and it was one of the most raw and authentic videos I had ever filmed. I am someone who is always giving advice, to my friends, about every situation. A few months ago, I felt like I needed to share the story of one of the most difficult times in my life. I had looked into my camera and began to tell my story.

As I sat in front of the camera, I was not sure how to continue talking without getting emotional. The cracking of my voice made me stop for a second. Everyone goes through a dark time that they must come to terms with and that was the very thing I was doing. I was sharing my story about how being bullied was not the end of my story but the very beginning.

Being judged about my shy behavior and my appearance took a major toll on me. I never felt like I fit in the crowd, but stuck out like a sore thumb. Everyone’s comments and opinions always got the best of me. I realized that everyone may have their own ideas about me, but I should not let that hurt me in any way. Eventually, I grew out of the sad state I was in. It did not make me bitter, or full of hate, but made me the strong and loving person I am today.

In the video, I explained how growing up is always hard for everyone, no matter their situation. Like others who had been bullied, I had lost who I once was and became disconnected with my surroundings. Many times when people become disconnected, they tend not to care about anything and never put any effort into getting involved. I eventually found my way out of this phase.

In my video, I talked about how I changed my perspective. I spoke about how I was beginning to see the uniqueness in every situation and how it would eventually benefit my character later in life. I learned that there are exciting moments happening every second of my life, and that it is a complete mystery as to what might happen next. I stressed to my viewers that nothing is ever going to happen unless they try to adopt a positive outlook.

As I kept talking to the camera, I was thinking that no one was going to ever click on this video and take advice from someone they did not know. Click! I refreshed the page and noticed the outpouring of comments by people who I had reached with my story. There are a million different people out there who I inspired to make a difference in their lives, and I could not have been happier.  


I Want to Know | A Poem

I want to know what it feels like to be in love. To actually feel something when I see him. To feel goosebumps crawling up my arm and the butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

I want to know the spontaneous kisses and feel scared and safe at the same time.

I want to know what its like to be wanted, not for sexual desires, but to happy or experience something new. To exchange stares and words when we feel like the only ones around. For someone to help me control my bad habits.

I want to know every detail about your likes and know even inch of your skin.

I want to know how your voice shakes when we’re fighting and I want to know the insults and the heartache.

I want to know the pain of loving someone so much that I cannot feel anything else.