Meaning of my Paper Airplane Necklace


For the past couple of months, I have been wearing a silver paper airplane around my neck very subtly. It is nothing that is too big or too showy. It is small and tends to hide within the blouse of my uniform. I get questions from people what it may be or a joke from my math teacher as I tend to tug on it for the sake of security.

I bought this paper airplane necklace for myself. It was not a gift from someone or I did not buy it because Taylor Swift and Harry Styles wore something similar, but it is something much more.

Pixar had uploaded their short films onto Netflix and I have been wanting to see “Paper Man” due to the many compliments about it on Tumblr. The story is about a man waiting for a train to head to work and his paper flew, hitting a very pretty (and somewhat resemblance to Kim Possible) woman where it creates a cute moment between the two. Sadly, she disappears and when he sits at his desk, he looks across the street to see her at the office building next door. Despite all the work he has to do, he creates paper airplanes to try to get her attention. I am not going to spoil anything for anyone, so I’ll just leave it there.

I bought this necklace for the love of the short and how cute and quirky it is, but it became more than that.

My necklace is a sense of security when I have anxiety and also a reminder to put myself out there, like the man in the short film.

So much has happened for me since I have bought the necklace, I have become more confident in myself, I quit my job to focus on school, I am managing As in all of my classes, I went on my first date, I have become more comfortable talking to people, I have been laughing more and loudly, and enjoying life as much as I can.

My paper airplane necklace will always be there for me, even if I am not in the mood to put myself out there. It is something that might give me luck or pain, but it is a part of me and it has already done so much for me that it makes me excited for the future.

You can find the exact necklace, at a very decent price here!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post,I really love my necklace.

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