What I Have Learned: Colleges

Senior year has been so crazy and I cannot believe it is half way over! There will be time when I want to get out but at the same time I want to stay because I am going to miss everything. But the most noticeable thing about Senior year is applying to colleges!

This past year I have been taking the SAT twice, ACT twice and finding out they lost my second time, projects, research papers, college applications, work and lots of homework. I believe I am a really good student, top 33% of my class with a 3.84 GPA but with terrible test scores.

I do protest the SATs and the ACTs because they make an impossible test for no reason, and make people nervous. I believe they do not show the potential of a student because numbers do not define what they can do especially when they are horrible at testing, like me. And yes, I did get a tutor during the summer as well.

When you are applying to schools, I suggest starting the application in the summer and during your free time working on their tiring essays. I could go on about those as well.

The schools I have/are going to apply to are: University of South Carolina, College of Charleston, The University of Alabama (yes, THE), Texas Christian University, Fashion Institute of Technology, James Madison University, Towson University, Kent State and Elon University.

SO far I have been accepted in Kent State and Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and have been denied by Elon. Elon and Alabama were my top choices.

I knew Elon was a long shot due to my terrible scores, praying that they would look past that. I have learned not to get my hopes up because I would most likely get left down, it is the usual for me, but i was still upset when I read it at 6:00 in the morning on a Friday.

Just because I did not get into one of my top college does not mean I am not a failure, it just proves to me that they are either not ready for my awesomeness or God/fate is telling that it is not the right place for me to go to school (even if they had an amazing communications program).

If you are having trouble applying to schools or any questions about anything about colleges, just let me know!


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