Let’s Talk About Culottes


Trends tend to come and go just like the weather. We can either conform to the status of each new trend or try to ignore it, which is sometimes hard. One trend that I am unsure about is Culottes. This trend was big around the mid-1900’s but is making a big come back with celebrities and bloggers such as Kelly Ripa and Danielle Bernstein.

My mother and I talked about this new trend being ‘hard to understand’. My mom and I are petite people and sometimes not every trend would fit our body type. But it seems like only certain body types can look flattering in culottes. Kelly Ripa is not considered tall but she is skinny and athletic that unlike me, it would look like awkward, loose yoga pants rather than an actual piece of clothing I could wear to school.

The picture above shows an ideal way of pairing these new type of pants, but I feel like they would look unflattering. I feel awkward in flared jeans unsure how to pair shoes along with my ankles looking skinny.

I personally believe that this trend will not help me with my size and body type. However, it is a trend that is taking over the blogger world, I just have to deal with it. If this trend makes you feel confident, please wear them just this is my opinion based on who I am.

Disclaimer: I do not own any picture

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