Let’s Talk About Culottes


Trends tend to come and go just like the weather. We can either conform to the status of each new trend or try to ignore it, which is sometimes hard. One trend that I am unsure about is Culottes. This trend was big around the mid-1900’s but is making a big come back with celebrities and bloggers such as Kelly Ripa and Danielle Bernstein.

My mother and I talked about this new trend being ‘hard to understand’. My mom and I are petite people and sometimes not every trend would fit our body type. But it seems like only certain body types can look flattering in culottes. Kelly Ripa is not considered tall but she is skinny and athletic that unlike me, it would look like awkward, loose yoga pants rather than an actual piece of clothing I could wear to school.

The picture above shows an ideal way of pairing these new type of pants, but I feel like they would look unflattering. I feel awkward in flared jeans unsure how to pair shoes along with my ankles looking skinny.

I personally believe that this trend will not help me with my size and body type. However, it is a trend that is taking over the blogger world, I just have to deal with it. If this trend makes you feel confident, please wear them just this is my opinion based on who I am.

Disclaimer: I do not own any picture

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Untitled #214

Untitled #214

Job Interview | OOTD

In your teenage years, there comes a time when you have your first interview for a potential job. I had filled out an application for a store this past weekend, and within an hour, I had received a call and an interview had been scheduled. I wanted to make a good first impression so I needed a new outfit for my interview. I went to the boutique and found so many beautiful pieces to wear. I eventually created this outfit for my interview.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Top: Francesca’s (exact)
Skirt: Francesca’s (exact)
Necklace: Francesca’s (exact)
Rings: Francesca’s
Shoes: Nordstrom
Bag: mom’s gift from my aunt

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Taking Flight | OOTD

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the mall to go job hunting and I went to Forever 21 and my mom noticed this dress. I fell in love with this blue dress. It is fun and whimsical with the bird pattern. The back is very unique and confusing to put on but I love the breezy feel to it.











As you can see, I cut my hair and I had wanted a change. I am so used to seeing girls with long hair so I decided to go against it. As you can see, my dog is also excited.

PS. my mom took these pictures so I trying to teach her how to.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Nordstrom

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My Major College Road Trip

I have finally finished my exams, now I have time for outfit pictures, but here are a few pictures that I found from my ‘Major College Road Trip’. One our way, we stopped at University of North Carolina at Wilmington, a beach town. And also a place where One Tree Hill was filmed, Wrightsville beach.

IMG_3765 IMG_3769 IMG_3770

We stopped at University of South Carolina, I loved the main campus with all the old architecture. Also the flowers were in bloom giving it a very romantic feel. One of my favorite teachers has gone to this school, maybe I would end up in her footsteps along with getting a job in another country.

 IMG_3772 IMG_3773 IMG_3774 IMG_3775

I went to College of Charleston to visit. I felt like maybe this could be one of my top choices. I love the nature and the city which my dad’s cousin (who was a student and now works there) showed us around. I am also on the look out for background in case I go there and I need to shoot OOTDs.

IMG_3795 IMG_3796

After trouble finding hotels due to the Masters all the way in Georgia, we woke up bright and early in a hotel by a railroad tracks and track stop (my mom was so scared that we would die by barricading the door with a chair). We were on our way to Elon, where we met up with my cousin. I thought I wouldn’t care because I would like to go somewhere else other than my cousin, but I fell in love. Elon is one of the top colleges on my list other than the beautiful campus, the communications program is literally amazing. I loved the business building and I have everything planned out from that. More like I want to major in Marketing and minor in Communications.

IMG_3827 IMG_3828

We stopped at Wake Forest to check out the campus. I would not be able to go by the tuition but my mom’s cousin had gone and she used to go see him play football. I believe the campus was really pretty, but it was not for me.

IMG_3836 IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3844

Currently, I am confused on the future and where to go because if I would be able to get in and tuition wise. I hope to continue to see what I like on a campus. I look for the way to incorporate it within posts and videos along with a way to study marketing and communications and be able to work on the school TV station. The reason my mom went on this trip, other than to look at the colleges is to see what kind of campus that I like.

I had always want to be in the city, to not miss out on the real world. But I realize maybe I should go to a college town to experience the real college life, sororities, football games and the everything else included.

Hopefully by this time next year, I will know what I want to do later in life and where I would be going. Until then, I will be living my senior year as much as I can. Because time is almost up and you have to enjoy as much as you can.

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