Alis Jams: Flower by Cody Simpson

Hey everyone! Long time, no actual text post. Here is another small text as life has became more busy (junior year is sucky) so I only have little time, or I am kind of lazy.

Recently Cody Simpson had released his new single “Flower” from his upcoming album Free. I have been following Mr. Simpson for about a few years including a follow from both him and his sister, Alli, on Twitter. As my music style has changed from pop to punk and beachy tunes, Cody changed in his music as well. I quite pleased about him maturing in his music, going from bubblegum pop “All Day” to John Mayer meets Jack Johnson “Flower”, I am excited to hear his new stuff. Being a close age together, growing up can change someone drastically and I am excited to hear more of his new music to come without anyone having a say on what he should write about so it would be popular. Listen to me kids, sometimes people will be telling you things to do that will consider yourself ‘worthy’ or whatever, but thanks to Cody, he shows that just because he is a famous singer doesn’t mean he has to follow what others are doing to be successful.

Here is “Flower” , also get it on iTunes for free!


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