Self Expression, Not Self Obsession

I remember when my guy friend told me that I posted too many pictures of myself on Instagram and that later made me feel cautious on the pictures I should put on there. After my change of mine period (hopefully a post about that) I realized that it is my account and no one should have say on it.

I have this pet peeve when people say that I am ‘obsessed with myself’ which is the complete opposite. I do post a lot of pictures of myself but I am a fashion blogger, that is what others bloggers do as well. I may not be big but it really does not matter because I have put together an outfit or there is a picture I am in that I like and I wanted to post it. Recently I was going through my own feed and noticed how many pictures of myself I have (which compared to others is not a lot) I was afraid that someone was going to say something.

If you did not know but for the past few years or so, I really did not like myself and I always put myself down causing my self-esteem to be extremely low. It was a really hard time for me that I decided to change everything about I viewed the world including myself. I feel like that sometimes I feel ‘okay looking’, and there will other times where I actually like the way I look. No one is perfect and I always feel like I am ‘too ugly’ or never ‘pretty enough’.

But I learned to completely and fully love myself no matter how I look. Despite how many pictures of myself I post on social media, I like to express that I have came so far from a really bad part of my life to finally accepting every little flaw I have. Maybe I am not skinny, maybe I don’t have the nicest skin or the perfect hair but I do like that I have changed for the better. I love myself and I don’t care if you say it is ‘self-obsession’ because I am expressing who I am out of school. I am a blogger, I am a YouTuber, I am an imperfect girl living life in a crazy world.

There are times when I feel self-conscious about myself and sometimes maybe I post sad quotes (not too often) but it is better to express happiness than self-hatred.

So which would you rather see?

Love yourself and express every little unique about yourself. I love you and I hope for the best.

Until next time,



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