My Girl Marilyn | OOTD

Don’t you ever have that time when you feel like dressing like a skater girl? I do! I recently bought this Marilyn Monroe t-shirt from Forever 21 (it was hard to choose between the Audrey Hepburn one as well. I have too many Audrey Hepburn things).I thought this outfit was rather different and made me feel like I should have a penny board. Yeah, I know I’m not cool. Haha.
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Shirt: Forever 21
Flannel: J.Crew
Beanie: Forever 21
Pants: LOFT
Shoes: Converse

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Get Ready With Me Ed Sheeran Concert | Alis Chic

Here is a quick post telling you that I uploaded a video on Sunday! About 3 or so weeks ago I got to go to the Ed Sheeran concert for my 17th birthday! In my video I will be displaying how I got ready, including my outfit! I was vlogging the event with my friends so that will also be in the post below! Please check it out!


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Fashion Week Dreams


If you have been living under a rock, you would have known that New York Fashion is sadly over. While I a currently trying to keep up on the latest fashion across the pond over to London Fashion Week, I could not help but put together an outfit that I would have worn if I could have gone to New York Fashion Week. All I have been doing recently has been dreaming about going to Fashion Week, just being outside watching the street style would be amazing. Sadly I am in the suburbs, a good 4ish hours away (by train) with an outfit ready to go.




Jacket- American Eagle | Top – Aeropostale | Skirt- Forever 21| Shoes- Aldo| Beanie- Forever 21 |Bracelet – J.Crew|


I absolutely love this jacket! I draped it over my shoulders like a cape inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Danielle Bernstein. It gives that whole edgy vibe to the whole outfit. I love how it is quilted as it is in style this season and I am so existed to purchase more quilted items when fall finally kicks in.


Yes my new shoes just got dirty in the grass but they are absolutely so comfortable. I have been looking for simple black slip on shoes but I could not resist when I saw the gold chain!


Of course I am wearing my mom’s gold bracelet! I thought there should be another touch of gold so it could match the shoes!


Who says you cannot be comfortable yet stylish? I love my beanie to death and I could just wear it with anything! It is fall time and I think everyone, even the Queen of England should get themselves a lovely beanie!

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Back to School: Outfit Ideas | Alis Chic

So after a busy week of school and dance team, I would like to share you a video that I had recently put up about early September. If you have been reading my blog, you would obviously know some of these outfits but I not, enjoy!

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Pastel Hair

Hey guys! Today I want to share my latest obsession, pastel hair! Despite going to a Catholic school which is very strict on hair color, I am really interested in dying my hair pastel colors. I do not think I will look right with colored hair, but I am willing to try.

images (2)

images (3)



pastel11 pastel-hair

images (1)

images (4)

Here are the few of my favorite colors!

Disclaimer: I do not own these pictures as they belong to their rightful owners.

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