This Weeks Finds | Nasty Gal Labor Day Sale

The other day I went on Nasty Gal, the first time in forever! Other than the CEO being an inspiring women but I love the clothes that I would not be allowed to wear to school. I love to browse through clothing stores to find anything that I would wear if I had live in a big city or going to a party! I like this store because it makes me feel like the total opposite of who I am!

I never was into the whole sporty vibe but I absolutely love this mesh skirt! You can find it here!
The black and white trend has always been my favorite, this sophisticated button up has a fun spin with the tie in the front! Find it here!
This crop top is fun as it shows a little skin and a small design on the fabric! Find it here!
I love the color of this skirt, it is very professional and fashionable at the same time! Find it here!
This metallic green dress is so fun to wear out to town! Find it here!
This is a cute crop top with a small Peter Pan collar which makes it very unique! Find it here!
A pencil skirt with a new spin is always the best way to go! Find it here!
This is my favorite outfit! I love whole checker leggings look makes it look grungy. The ripped tee is so cool when it is a lazy day! Find the leggings here!
This slip looking dress may seem risque but who cares when it is the most awesome thing ever! The colors are completely different which makes is so unique! Find it here!


Who says you can’t wear white after labor day! This is my favorite find with the whole floral skirt with a white cream top. Make sure you wear something underneath if you don’t want anyone to see your underwear! Find it here!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures, they belong to their rightful owners!

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Am I Punk Rock? Not Really | OOTD

Sorry about these awkward pictures and posing! I literally did my best because I had only a certain amount of time before the sun ruined the shot.

For the past few months, maybe for almost a year, I have been experimenting with my fashion even more. Around this time last year I had discovered punk rock music (starting with my 5 Seconds of Summer obsession) and finding myself personally and style wise. Growing up is discovering who you are and learning from mistakes and sometimes successes. I learned who I was maybe about a year or so after I started this blog and I could not be happier! Not many people know what they want in life and me, well I have most it planned down. But this post is not about the future but it is about this outfit that I put together for a back to school idea.

I have been discovering darker colors and learning how I rock my own style. It has become harder to put a girly outfit without it being to bright and fluffy so I tend to go for the edgy laidback look. Most people would consider is punk rock, but for me I am really not in that area. I have been putting together leather pieces and having the time with learning how my style has evolved.

 Top: J.Crew | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Converse

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Old Pieces | OOTD

 Ever since I was young, I always wore the same pieces together for the same outfit over and over again. I grew up, I still do that and always end up getting new pieces but nothing ever changes. When I started this blog, I was first starting out experimenting with outfits and I always thought buying new pieces of clothing was the answer. Not all the time. Yes, I will admit I am a shopaholic with sadly a small budget (I will get upset and not buy anything if I can’t get like 2 items I don’t know why but I need to stop that).

The idea came the other day when I wanted to do a back to school outfit ideas video for my YouTube. I went through different items in my closet until I found a dress and a jacket I had for maybe 3 or 4 years now. I remember having each of these items back in middle school, including my converse, and I was super excited to see what it would like together!

005 009 003
Dress: American Eagle | Jacket: unknown | Shoes: Converse

I remember when I got this jacket, I was in a fashion show for my finishing school and my class had the theme of safari. I think a green neutral jacket would be a better fit than the gray one. Having a shorter jacket without it being wide would work much better

I love this sundress it has a few different patterns, lace on the skirt and dots on the bustier. There is always different ways that one can dress down a sundress to 1. wear to school or 2. wear it during the fall time. If your dress code allow you to dresses, lucky! Here is an idea that if you need help thinking of what to wear, how about a pink dress, white converse, green jacket and you can also add a gold necklace.

Who knows maybe you can put together a few older pieces together to create a new favorite outfit!

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Trend Alert: Chokers

90’s are back baby! The grunge style has been my favorite a lot recently and I am so excited more than dark tees are making a comeback. Although I was born in the late 90’s (1997 to be specific) I do not say “Oh my gosh I used to wear that!” I wish I could but about 17 years later I can officially I can without looking like a total weirdo.
I love how chokers now a days are completely different. All I could remember when I was younger was the “tattoo” chokers and now I think about it, I thought it was rather odd. Now I see starlets and teenage girls (who knows maybe guys are sporting the trend) wear a dark piece of thread around their neck with charms, or a sequined neck-band (like a headband but for the neck) or completely going against the grunge and having a very pretty choker.
The name may seem rather violent, but I believe it is a fun item to wear back-to-school. It is a piece to accessorize or just a small piece to make an outfit.  Also if you are not willing to pay so much for a choker, a favorite Youtuber of mine has a video on how to make your own without spending so much.



images (3)


Check out Bethany Mota’s DIY Choker Necklace Here!

Where to Find this Trend!

I suggest looking at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and maybe some online stores like Etsy!

Disclaimer: I do not own of these pictures, they belong to their rightful owner.

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Set the Scene | Loverly*

I remember in computer class one day, my best friend told me about this app, Loverly, all about weddings. It was a few months ago and we were currently girls in 10th grade, so we were far off from planning our actual wedding. But that didn’t stop us. So it comes to a recently when I was emailed by someone who works at the Loverly asking if I can put together a style board based on three different locations and of course I said yes! I was given three locations to choose from: a private beach, upscale city rooftop or a rustic outdoorsy wedding. I did a little digging on each location, as much I would love to swim in my wedding dress or dance underneath the lights of New York City, I went for the rustic scenery. I for one am not an outdoors kind of girl but the rustic weddings literally scream my name and I just fell in love.

Untitled #187




Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding dress, a long gown that has a long train that it stretches down the aisle. I would like to be that girl but I am not someone who wants to be tripping to meet the love of her life at the front of the church. I wanted my dress to be different from most so I opted for a shorter one. I do think white plain gowns are beautiful but I don’t want something too boring. I love how it has a simple pattern and the small details matter so much on a dress. The ribbon pulls in at the waist to show off the curves and the V-neck makes the outfit a little sexy but no too much as white represents “innocence” (from what I learned from Sex and the City).
I chose simple white heels to make the illusion that my legs are long. I am not someone to wear flats anywhere (I would like to buy some at least) and I feel like heels make the gown even more beautiful. The heels are not too big that is hard to walk in and not hurt my feet.
I am the hopeless romantic type who loves the whole veil idea but not for my rustic wedding. Having it in the outdoors call for something more fun than traditional. I traded the veil for a hairpiece with floral detailing to give it a more fun look.
I decided to add simple white pearl earrings with a gold lining. Bracelets are too much and no rings because the most important ring will be placed on during the ceremony. I felt like the outfit was not complete until there was a simple piece of jewelry.
Check out Loverly here!
Find your perfect dress here
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Review: One Direction Makeup*

They are known all over the world for being the popular X Factor boyband One Direction! They have sold millions of records, their own perfume, toothbrushes and now their own makeup collection. Having million girls loving these boys, they came together and brought something out that can fit the unique girls who are in love with the British/Irish band! Every girl has her own personality so reflect out through each set. Find your own way to show everyone who you are by experimenting with each different set! Make sure you check out the “Take Me Home” and “Midnight Memories” set and see how you can stand out of the crowd. The collection have received was called “Up All Night”, a very bright, colorful, party makeup.


The makeup was absolutely fun to play with including a few messy mishaps all over my hands which will be included in a video. As you can see in the picture below, there are a lot of bright colors and a small little lookbook on how to put the eyeshadow on.

I LOVE this mascara, I have been wearing it ever since it came in the mail and I even brought it to dance camp. Even my mom loves to wear it! It is much better than the drugstore types. Unlike the drugstore mascaras, they do not clump on your lashes and when I put them on my bottom lashes, they don’t stand out so much.
I love these colors! The blue eye shadows are bright and go on rather smoothly. The sparkles are pretty but make sure you put on a few layers of it or it won’t be noticed. I used the skin color to outline my eyebrow bone and the light blue to outline my eye and on the corner of my eyelid. I added the sparkle shadow also on the corner and I thought it was a fun look.

I swear every time I test out the eyeliner on my skin, it is hard to take off! It is a good type of eyeliner that will stay on all day and night for a dark look. I love putting on eyeliner on my bottom lashes instead of my top and maybe you can try that some time!
This pastel pink lipstick, by the name “I Should Have Kissed You”, is not just great for a night look. Put it on during the day to a edgier outfit to make it more girly or play it up with a dress. This lipstick makes me feel like a total girly girl and it is just so much fun to wear!
Who doesn’t want a little hot pink lipstain? Personally, I can not wear this lip product as my skin is a color that makes it look weird on me. If you don’t want the whole va va voom factor on, which includes sparkles, I insist putting on “I Should Have Kissed You” first and applying this second. Also the cool thing is that this lipstain glows underneath UV lights!
I swear this color is so much fun! “Na Na Na” is a medium with a few sparkles that can give off a fun look without going too crazy! I swear you can wear this color any time of the year and it will perfectly work! This my “back to school” nail polish must have!
Who doesn’t have to draw on their body? If you want to spice up your look, try out the stencils which include so many fun designs. In my experience with these, I suggest using the blue eyeshadows instead of the eyeliner which I used. The big mistake I did was use the eyeliner and that kind of got messy! So try something that doesn’t get all over the place!

The One Direction Makeup Collection US Release Dates:
Macy’s – August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th

Check out their Facebook Page: 

* This post in sponsored by Markwins and Brandbacker but the opinions are  completely my own! Thank you so much for the opportunity on reviewing the products before they were released!

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