Simple Little Thing | OOTD

I will be busy over the next few weeks so here is a little outfit of the day for you guys! I absolutely love this striped blue and white dress. It is very different from all the dresses I wear and it makes me feel edgy yet casual at the same time. I believe a small black choker would look quite well with the dress, but in my time of need, I quickly pulled out a short pearl necklace that my mom had. I wore this outfit for my last day of fashion class in New York and I felt like I belonged there. I wore a gold bracelet which gave more off a color for the outfit. Gold is a very summery tone which makes the outfit more fun. I wore my worn out converse as a bit of a laid back look and a more comfortable feel!


Dress: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: my mom’s closet | Bracelet: J. Crew | Shoes: Converse

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Summer Haul 2014 | Alis Chic

Hey everyone! Last Sunday, I finally uploaded a new haul based of the many items I purchased throughout the month of June and July! I was a bit nervous during the video which I really do not know why but at the end it was fun. I love making videos and trying to consistently upload them every Sunday (which you should totally check out my channel here)! In my latest video I shared what I got from Forever 21, Ulta, Nordstrom, H&M and Urban Outfitters! Please like, subscribe and comment if you want!

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Worst Parts of Traveling

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Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to travel across the country and I realized a few different things that make me or others feel anxious about. I love to travel and it is exciting to be in new places. Everyone knows the quote on how it is about the journey, not the destination. But for me, panic attacks are triggered easily when I am stuck in a metal death trap and I just can not wait to get to where I need to be. Yes I usually sit on a lazy day or during school but when it comes to traveling I cannot wait until I am able to walk around and not be stuck inside of a moving vehicle.

Planes: I recently have flown a total of four times (like two round trips) and having not been on plane since 7 years ago, it was terrifying. First includes the horrible security lines which are always essential for keeping the airs safe. The lines can go on for about a mile long around the building and once you get to the end of the line, who knows how long it will be the take off items to be scanned and also your whole being to be scanned and the security officers touching you in places you do not want to be touched. Ugh! Even if you are not in the security line in time, you might as well miss your flight. When the weather is rough outside, or something is wrong the plane, it causes more problems than needed. Delays and cancellations are a major pain in the butt. Who wants to spend a few hours or maybe a couple of days in an airport which was certain amount of things to do? I certainly do not. Being on a plane seems fine until its like in the sixth hour and your feeling claustrophobic with a young kid kicking your seat from behind and there is turbulence. I would rather prefer a day time over a night time flight because I like to see where I am, even if my view is mostly clouds.

Car: Road trips are a major fun way to hang with your friends while driving cross country in a car. I personally do not have much bad to say about traveling by car. Driving four or more hours may seem loads of fun but it drags on eventually feeling like a growing pain that will not go away. Weather also could be a major factor in traveling. Driving in a snowstorm, rain, hail and possibly tornadoes is a major risk for ones safety. Going by car can be a longer journey than going by plane. Who wants to be closed in a small place for long periods of time over a few days? Just a nightmare.

Train: In the olden days, trains were the first machines that helped people get around. Still being used today, even running during a hurricane which is not the smartest idea.  Trains are easier to walk around, including having their own snack bar and having a wide range of choices. But the worst part is when everything seems to going smooth and fine until 2 hours from home, the train stops because of power outage at the station and travel at the slowest speed and took 6 extra hours to get home. Not all fun and games getting to a place.

Hopefully you will have a fun time traveling and not get caught in the troubles on the way to get to your destination. Remember to keep your eye on the weather and more importantly be safe and have fun.

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My Week on Fashion Avenue

Hey everyone! I recently traveled to the great city of New York to take a fashion class at Fashion Institute of Technology. I learned how to put pictures that I love (people, places, objects, etc.) into a journal based on similarity and by that I can create pieces of clothing, so actually I can just grab some fabric and create these pieces of clothing which maybe I should try! SO if you subscribe here to my YouTube, wait for my vlog for the week soon and you can see my drawings! I was extremely nervous on the first day, including a small panic attack but it was awesome and I don’t know why I was so nervous! So here are the few pictures that I got while I was there, both on my phone and camera because my camera card was being a meanie and filling up on me without my knowing before we left and I didn’t have time to change it. I know these photos are random, I’m sorry.IMG_2981 IMG_2982
Our hotel was in the floral district and I thought I could try to be artsy by doing this. 
OIMG_2983 IMG_2984
We later gone to the “Largest Department Store in the World” known as Macys in Herald Square and I felt a bit anxious in it because I did not know where I was and it was a big maze.
IMG_2985 IMG_2987
We than went to H&M, which I bought a $15 dress and literally loved these lights .

IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2994
American Apparel

IMG_2995 IMG_2996

My mom showed the Fashion Walk of Fame she found while I was at school one day and we decided to walk along it and saw one of my favorite designers!

IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_3001 IMG_3002

This is literally my new favorite dress from H&M and hopefully will buy it one day.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

IMG_3541 IMG_3545
Outside the H&M in Times Square, there was a filming crew and I so badly wanted to know what was being filmed but they quickly moved on because of the crowd during rush hour.

IMG_3525 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
We had took a very scary pedicab ride to Tiffany’s. Lets just say I almost cried because I was walking right by the place my favorite actress was so many years ago.
IMG_3626 IMG_3640
Going the wrong way! Tehe!
Last lunch at camp calls for pictures!

Taking over the fashion world, one selfie at a time!

As soon as class ended, I headed back to hotel so my mom and I can quickly get to Penn Station to take the train home. I felt a bit anxious and pretty much as soon as our train was announced, I literally was almost trampled by the mass of people going to our train. The originally 3 hour train into 6 after we had gone to Philly because of the storm and lets just say no one was happy and it would have been better to drive 2 hours from Philly to home.

I would say that taking a fashion class may seem nervous, but if it is something that you like to do it shouldn’t feel like hardwork. Learning how I can create something just by flipping through a magazine was so much fun.

Check out my vlogs on my YouTube channel! Sorry if my voice is annoying.

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