Style Idol: Zoella

It seems like I have been updating a lot within the last few weeks so that is good! I will try to have an outfit post at least twice a month and I have a huge list of posts that I will write out and schedule when I have nothing to do. Currently I am writing this while watching Zoella’s June Vlogs which I am very excited about! Zoe known as Zoella on YouTube is one of the first few YouTubers that I have been watching for the past year that my friend got me into. Zoe is part of the British YouTubers and I literally would love to look/be here and I absolutely envy her style! I wish I could be able to pull off and put outfits like hers and I don’t know I just think she is awesome! Here are a few of my favorite outfits of hers!

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Her fashion is girly and very posh and quirky and I just love it! I also have the same fawn necklace as her which I wear pretty much everyday! Her blog and her pictures make me want to visit England more and adore the quaint towns within the country.

To Dress Like Zoe:
Zoe’s outfits are very fun and whimsical, find similar fashion at her favorite shops like Zara, TopShop, Primark, Miss Selfridge, and American Apparel.

Zoe leans more into the flirty skirts, tops with collars and items that are also edgy. Mix and matching is what she likes to do and just finding one piece can make so many different outfits. She always has fun with her clothing and you should too.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, they belong to their rightful owner.

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A Splash Of Sapphire


Black and white is one of my favorite trends, it is a lot of fun. Adding a pearl bracelet and a headband with a black feather adds a bit of spunk to the outfit. Short dresses are always a fun way to wear to prom as it is not weighing down while dancing. Monochrome makes everything look sophisticated but a with a pop of color makes the look less boring. I love how these sapphire shoes are different way to bring color to the outfit.

Dress: Arden B | Shoes: Aldo | Bracelet: Unknown | Headband : Unknown

IMG_2905 IMG_2908 IMG_2916

For my look, I straightened my hair and added a a little curled at the bottom. I added eye shadow from the Stila “in the moment” palette. I used “catalyst” on my lids and “instinct” on the corner of my eyes. On my lips, I used a hot pink Covergirl lipstick number 540.

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Burgundy, Gray and Black | OOTD

Here is a lovely Outfit of the Day post I made for a new video on my YouTube which will be up Sunday June 15th! You should probably check it out if you are a 5 Seconds of Summer fan or an Ashton Irwin fangirl! I put this outfit together as I realized a while ago  that me and the awesome drummer shared the same shirt (and I have another outfit with a few pieces of this outfit which will be up later). I found this really fun and I tried to find a fedora to match my outfit so, at least I tried!

IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2861

Top: Jawbreaking | Skirt: Forever 21 | Flannel: J. Crew | Shoes: Converse | Hat: H&M

Let me know what you think when the video comes out with the link below!

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Ashton Irwin Inspired Outfit | Alis Chic

If you haven’t read my last post yet, here it is in video form if you are not a fan of reading. I hope you liked it because hopefully some similar videos will be uploaded soon enough.

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What I Learned During my Sophomore Year

Sophomore year has finally ended with the longest three days of my life and I am pretty sure I failed my chemistry final. I can proudly say I survived this year and half way through high school. Although there is more to come, I did learn a lot this year that I can mature from. I have grown up some bit and there are a few places that I need to work on with myself but that is what everything is about, trying to find and develop yourself. With further a due, lets get this started with.

  1. I learned the guy I have a bit of a crush on might actually be into someone else, who is a different gender than I am. Yes I would admit that I was a little embarrassed by this revelation but he is a good friend of mine although he did not know my feelings towards him.
  2. I am not always the first choice, again. I have been that friend that people go to where they need someone when the person they actually want to talk to somewhere else. Also when their ideal person is around, they completely ignore me. I have dealt with it all my life so I just realized if they were really my friend they wouldn’t do that so I am distancing myself it has not been more than once it has probably been around 20 different times.
  3. Hard work always pay off.  Over the past year or so I have been, how do I put this, smarter than I normally have been? Ever since high school, I have been one of the smart kids and I always know the answer which I never was in middle school (yes I was the quiet kid who didn’t know anything). But not just knowing the answer is important, it is going through the struggles of Chemistry and getting the best grade I can in English.
  4. Have someone buy concert tickets in the presale no matter if going or not. I had this whole problem that I wanted to go the 5 Seconds of Summer concert but my parents were iffy on the subject. Having talked my parents a little too late (which involved a few tears and a little panic attack before hand) they finally agreed but with the tickets being too much money I did not go.
  5. No one is your responsibility. Not informing/finding your carpool that your ride is here and him completely freaking out for no reason. Your friends getting back together as a couple. Your friend’s grade on how well you teach her Chemistry. There has been endless times when I have cared about other people more than myself. As soon as I start thinking about myself, they just draw me back in knowing that I had lost interest in their problems that they need me to fix.
  6. Never get in between a relationship. I know I should not be writing about this, but never get involved in putting two people back together no matter what. It is just dangerous territory and it is not your call on them getting back together or not. And yes they are together right now.
  7. Mental health is more important than anything else. Everyone believes school should be first at all times, even if you are injured in an accident is catching up is all that matters. Mental health is a big issue among teenagers and I have trouble with anxiety. If you are having trouble any sort of way, try to take a break from everything and maybe seek help if you need to.
  8. Not everyone is your friend. Thinking some people you talk to are there, when actually they never really liked you. It kills me inside a little bit and kept me awake at night but it really shouldn’t matter.
  9. This moment you have right now won’t last so all you can do is make the most of it even if your life is consisted of school, you are only young once and at least try to make the most of it.
  10. Those people who make fun of you for no reason will not matter in about three years. No one should get to you and hurt you for any reason. Do not fight fire with fire and do not throw grapes at freshmen even if they are immature, time will pass and everyone will get what they deserve in mean time.
  11. Body image is something that I have been struggling with my whole life. I was never too skinny and I am one of those people who point out their flaws. I have been exercising on and off within the past year, I have been more fit than I was before and I have been bigger than I have been but I learned that I have to accept how I look, it is part of my genetics. All I have to be is happy and work out as hard as I can to have the body I want, if I don’t see changes all I can do is be okay with it. Its better to be healthy no matter if you have a fast metabolism and or not, bones or not be happy and don’t hurt yourself or your body if it is not what you want.
  12. Everyone is always saying names about others or being jealous which causes them to say mean things. Like saying mean things about the girl that is flirting with that boy you like but that should not matter. They are not you, everyone else’s life does not matter and you should not care on what they or you do. I have said anything mean about someone but it is a big issue in everyone’s life. Slut shaming is a major problem and you should not care what others do, it is not yours. We all make mistakes but it is your job not to care but to move on.

That is all that I could remember in the past year other than “just try not to get your teacher fired” and I hope you have a nice summer. Yay I am officially a junior! I love you all, peace out until next time!

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True Blue | OOTD

Hey everyone! So school is officially out for the summer and since I thought that since I do not have to study anymore, why not put up a post tonight? There would be another later talking about my experience throughout the past school year so before that I want to show you guys what I wore for Memorial Day. Memorial Day was over a week ago and I got really into the spirit with the blues. I loved my outfit because I am starting to become more comfortable with my skin that I am showing a bit with the mesh like lace detailing. Blue is pretty much most of the colors that I have in closet that is not very “I can’t wear that to the pool!” way. I am not a red person, I never knew why also my skin has reds in it which doesn’t really flatter me in anyway. I will say that I did put too much blue on this outfit, not the best idea but I loved it and it was very Patriotic. I miss how in my old town, everyone would come to the middle of town for the parade, which I happened to be in twice, and I loved how much everyone got really into the whole thing. I suggest putting your hair in a braid on very hot day, which I did right after. And everyone, this is my puppy Camden before her major haircut.

IMG_2795 IMG_2799 IMG_2800 IMG_2801


Top: Charming Charlie’s | Bathing Suit: Target | Shorts: Lucky Brand | Sandals: Target

Tell me what you guys are doing this summer and I will keep

So I just joined the Seventeen YouTube Network, hope my videos get better and everything goes well. Check out my bad videos so you can see my transformation later!

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Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry Lemonade

I have been searching far and wide for the perfect summer drink to use my little “Mason Jar”, I really do not know how to call it because it is not the popular Mason Jar. I recently took a trip to Target and discovered these Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry Lemonade. I personally did not like it at first, but the trick is to just put half of less in, instead of the whole packet!


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