If you do not know, Summer is coming soon to the States and those in the Northern Hemisphere. School is ending soon and I am pretty sure most of you are hoping to be able to make the most of it before the last day. I decided to put together a few dares that I hope you guys get the most of these last few days. I came up with this concept as we all know how to play Truth or Dare, being safe I always choose Truth. But having realized exactly how short life is, why not do something that I have never done before.

  1. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for that person. Do not think that someone else is going to stop it, you will feel better about yourself if you helped someone else.
  2. I know senioritis hurts everyone even those who are not in high school, but at least try to study and do your best within the next couple of days/weeks. Remember, your teen years define your future.
  3. Rekindle some friendships, no matter who it is. Just a simple hey to someone at school or long distant that you once talked to can go far.
  4. Go to school without makeup. I know you girls love to paint on your face like I do, but take a few extra minutes to sleep and go to school with your head held high proud of how you look.
  5. Talk to that guy in your English class(or wherever) that you have been slightly admiring from a far, but being friends is at least a good start.
  6. Get that one person’s number that you have been pining over to get, maybe its that cutie that you talk in your History class or just a new friend that you want to hang out with this summer.
  7. Eat healthy, I have been trying to do this a lot within the past year. Stop eating Cheeze-its, start working out, drink lots of water and do not starve yourself and your body will thank you.
  8. And love yourself. Society is a cruel thing that has hurt so many people, including myself. It is hard to look beyond what others say but just try to because it is worth it.

Remember dares are all about getting out of your comfort zone, your heart pumping and those butterflies in your stomach with the feeling of throwing up but it will be all worth it one day. If you do any of these dares, please tell me and what happened.

I love you and hope you make the most of these next few weeks.

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