ModCloth Outfit

So recently I have received an email from a company that my aunt and I have been eyeing for a while, including wanting a homecoming dress from there. I was asked to create an outfit based on a piece of clothing for a contest. If you haven’t already, got check out ModCloth’s dresses because they are so unique and beautiful and can fit anyone’s personality! Click HERE!
The dress I was asked to style was The Way I Galaxy Dress and it is very fun! As you see below I have been asked to pair it with seven other products on the website and I tried my best to keep the color patterns similar and simple. I always try to work with the colors on the dress. I saw that there was blue and bits of gold on the fabric which is why I picked the products below! And check out my Wanelo Storyboard here!

original (7) original (1) original (2)

Who just doesn’t love a gold flat and watch! It makes everything professional and fun at the same time no matter what the day!

original (3)

A small hair pin can keep your hair up and can be a simple piece with a busy outfit!

original (4)
I found this adorable bag with an absolutely cute gold bag! I paired this with the blue because I just love cross body bags and it is similar the colors in the dress!

A simple gold/tan little jacket will be nice for those cool nights out to town!

original (5)
As I stated that I am pairing too many colors together I thought why not white! It is simple and basic.
original (6)

I had gone with the whole space theme including the whole gold color theme which reminds me of a shooting star. I just love this necklace so much!

original (8)
I have found this beautiful ring with the similar colors in the dress. The blue and purple are so pretty and the ring part is something to die for!

Disclaimer: These photos and products can be found on ModCloth  and I do not own any picture. This post is also sponsored by ModCloth  for a contest.

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