Hello everyone! As I am currently writing a very deeply written post of a Disney character for my 150th post OMG! I thought why not do a post on an outfit that I put together not so long ago. As you guys know, I kind of dress up whenever I go to the mall! I really don’t know why I do but I did! So other than the mall I also wore my outfit in the  latest YouTube video which I still need to edit.

Fabuleuse also the word for Fabulous in French. Oh me and my French. I recently bought this cropped sweater at H&M as my limit when we had gone to Georgetown, yes sadly I am not those bloggers who can buy everything they can. I seriously have a problem shopping because I seriously cannot just buy one thing and I also have to think how or where I would wear it and if it is appropriate for school! So much stress! I have recently loved the trend of crop tops because recently I have started loving my body no matter how oddly shaped it is and I do not care if I show a little skin! I barely ever have my hair in a braid and I am not really into a lot of different hairstyles because my hair is short and won’t do what I want. But I thought why not tried a braid, and I finally made one after like seven different failed times. Also I have decided to try something new with my eyeliner that I had for awhile now. I am not an eyeliner person because I can’t really put it on like everyone can and it frustrates me so I decided why not try the bottom lid. I absolutely love how its different and I am super excited for that but excuse my awkward face because like the sun was kind of shining in my eyes!

037 035 038 040 042

Crop Top: H&M
Shorts: Pacsun
Shoes: Converse
Eyeliner: Butter London

School is almost out 🙂 ! But that also means finals is coming up sadly :(.

Be my friend!

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