Coachella Bound| OOTD

Yes I should be studying but of course I do not want to.  So I decided to dress up for this pretty almost summer days before spending the rest of the day pretty much inside. Although Coachella has been over for a while now and sadly I wish I could go, I recently styled an outfit that I probably would wear to the music festival as it is very boho chic.


Top: Garage | Shorts: Nordstrom | Necklace: Loft | Shoes: J. Crew

Just my adorable puppy photobombing! I cannot believe she will be 1 year old on Tuesday! I love my little Cammie!

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Everyday Makeup Routine | Alis Chic

The other day I decided to make a video on how I do my makeup on an everyday basis. So I would like you all to check it out below and the products I’ve used will be in the description on video on YouTube! Let me know what you think and give me video suggestions if you have any!

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ModCloth Outfit

So recently I have received an email from a company that my aunt and I have been eyeing for a while, including wanting a homecoming dress from there. I was asked to create an outfit based on a piece of clothing for a contest. If you haven’t already, got check out ModCloth’s dresses because they are so unique and beautiful and can fit anyone’s personality! Click HERE!
The dress I was asked to style was The Way I Galaxy Dress and it is very fun! As you see below I have been asked to pair it with seven other products on the website and I tried my best to keep the color patterns similar and simple. I always try to work with the colors on the dress. I saw that there was blue and bits of gold on the fabric which is why I picked the products below! And check out my Wanelo Storyboard here!

original (7) original (1) original (2)

Who just doesn’t love a gold flat and watch! It makes everything professional and fun at the same time no matter what the day!

original (3)

A small hair pin can keep your hair up and can be a simple piece with a busy outfit!

original (4)
I found this adorable bag with an absolutely cute gold bag! I paired this with the blue because I just love cross body bags and it is similar the colors in the dress!

A simple gold/tan little jacket will be nice for those cool nights out to town!

original (5)
As I stated that I am pairing too many colors together I thought why not white! It is simple and basic.
original (6)

I had gone with the whole space theme including the whole gold color theme which reminds me of a shooting star. I just love this necklace so much!

original (8)
I have found this beautiful ring with the similar colors in the dress. The blue and purple are so pretty and the ring part is something to die for!

Disclaimer: These photos and products can be found on ModCloth  and I do not own any picture. This post is also sponsored by ModCloth  for a contest.

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Hello everyone! As I am currently writing a very deeply written post of a Disney character for my 150th post OMG! I thought why not do a post on an outfit that I put together not so long ago. As you guys know, I kind of dress up whenever I go to the mall! I really don’t know why I do but I did! So other than the mall I also wore my outfit in the  latest YouTube video which I still need to edit.

Fabuleuse also the word for Fabulous in French. Oh me and my French. I recently bought this cropped sweater at H&M as my limit when we had gone to Georgetown, yes sadly I am not those bloggers who can buy everything they can. I seriously have a problem shopping because I seriously cannot just buy one thing and I also have to think how or where I would wear it and if it is appropriate for school! So much stress! I have recently loved the trend of crop tops because recently I have started loving my body no matter how oddly shaped it is and I do not care if I show a little skin! I barely ever have my hair in a braid and I am not really into a lot of different hairstyles because my hair is short and won’t do what I want. But I thought why not tried a braid, and I finally made one after like seven different failed times. Also I have decided to try something new with my eyeliner that I had for awhile now. I am not an eyeliner person because I can’t really put it on like everyone can and it frustrates me so I decided why not try the bottom lid. I absolutely love how its different and I am super excited for that but excuse my awkward face because like the sun was kind of shining in my eyes!

037 035 038 040 042

Crop Top: H&M
Shorts: Pacsun
Shoes: Converse
Eyeliner: Butter London

School is almost out 🙂 ! But that also means finals is coming up sadly :(.

Be my friend!

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