Florida Day 2: Harry Potter and Epcot

I am not someone to go on crazy roller coasters and waiting in long lines by myself so I would not say that Universal was the best ever. I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since I was ten and I kind of have a strong obsession with both the movies and the books and well that is how my love for England started! First thing in the morning, after having my delicious Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, my grandmother and I headed to Universal.098

As soon as I stepped through the gates of Hogmeade, I fell in love. I knew I was home. 100 101

My new buddy. It was kind of weird that everyone was asking if I was from New York, only in my head.

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I absolutely loved it there! I tried Butterbeer, a little too sweet to finish, along with a wand! I had gotten Fleur Delacour which was pretty cool and I will never know what I will do with it until I have discovered my unknown powers and save the world from evil!

Epcot was not as exciting as I remember, but it was fun to see all the different sights that they held. France and the United Kingdom were my favorite and they were both magical.

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I loved these kids Peter Pan and Wendy costumes!

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Glitter Lips

Hey everyone! The other day I filmed a short video that I have been wanting to do for a while now. Over the summer, I found a new way to play with my lips. I absolutely love it but since I am supposed to wear subtle makeup to school (well others don’t even try to be simple) I have not tried this makeup look for a while. I am super excited that I learned how to edit, still trying to make it better, and also super excited for this new video!


Above is the finished look, you can barely see it with the edit but I hope you watch so you have a new way to spice up your lips along with seeing how weird I am. This is my first tutorial, I guess, and let me know what you think!

Top: J. Crew
Necklace: Nordstrom

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Florida Day 1: DisneyWorld at Night

February 14th was full of being stuck on a plane going up to Rochester and going down to Orlando for a little over 4 hours. It was my first time traveling all by myself so that was a scary milestone. Let’s just say I was upset about leaving my family behind and I felt embarrassed going through security and walking around crying for a few minutes but I got over it.
Landing in Orlando was full of crying children getting excited when their parents mentioned Mickey and I was kind of looking out the window to see if I can see Cinderella’s castle from the distance. My grandmother and grandfather picked me up and we went straight to the hotel, Port Orleans the French Quarter.
We had recieved the Mickey Fast Passes as room keys and I thought it was pretty cool! We had gone to the Magic Kingdom later that night, which included waiting forever for the bus. As soon as we got there, we had passes to the Haunted Mansion. Thinking I was going to scared out of my brains, it was kind of silly that I was. We had gone on my favorite ride, the Mad Teacups and I was kind of happy about that whole adventure.
Before we left, we went to see the electrical parade and I could not get any unfuzzy pictures, sadly.


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Beanie: Nordstroms
Sweater: American Eagle
Necklace: Forever 21

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Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll

’cause I can’t control myself,
I don’t wanna stay, wanna run away but I’m trapped under your spell.
And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,
And I’m having trouble catching my breath.

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It is finally warm so I decided to wear a cropped sweater and shorts. I have to live up a name of being “best dressed” of my friends when do something low key, like going to the mall. So I finally got to wear my little cute hat that I bought the last time I went to the mall, forever ago. I feel like Madeline from an old favorite story book that I used to read.

Sweater: Aeropostale (Bethany Mota Collection)
Shorts: Aeropostale (Bethany Mota Collection)
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Converse

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Florida Haul

It is a snow day again and I have finally made a new video after like four months! So I made a video on what I bought during my vacation to Florida, and I promise to write a blog post about that trip too.

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Oscar 2014 Best Dressed

Lupita Nyong’o has been on everyone’s style radar for the past award season and I from all of her gowns so far, this one is my absolute favorite of hers and of the Oscars ever. She deserves her Oscar, even if I have never seen “12 Years a Slave”. I love how she is different from all other actresses, she is unique and I cannot wait to see more of her.

rs_634x1024-140302203519-634.idina-mendzel-oscars-030214Having watched Idina Menzel on Glee and watching her take over Elsa on Frozen, she is something special. I absolutely this dreamer dress (I call it a dreamer dress as it seems like what belongs in a fairy-tale) more than her outfit on the red carpet.

Not a big fan of the color, is it blood orange? I would like it to be pure red, but Jennifer Lawrence is a stunner! Especially her date last night (the guy who played Tony Stonem on Skins).
The texture on Sandra Bullock’s dress is amazing. I love the small simple touches with the bracelet and the earrings!

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