Style Idol: Eleanor Calder

Hey everyone! I have always wanted to start a little segment on favorite outfits of real life people (celebs are real people right?). So today I will put together a post about a very fabulous British girl and her wardrobe. Eleanor Calder is a normal college student (if normal also means having a famous singer for a boyfriend) with style that most girls die for! And um an old friend (who I haven’t talked to in forever) told me I looked like Eleanor, not true though, sadly.

I could barely find any photos which were clear and did not have her and Louis Tomlinson or how to get her style, so bare with me.

257831147387164431_U377eWEB_c  tumblr_m8ay23seiZ1rbppcao1_1280 Eleanor+Calder+Classic+Sunglasses+Aviator+Up223hJ992Kl

Well I tried to find some, but they were not very successful. I do not own these photos.

To Dress Like Eleanor:
Having followed a lot of Eleanor Calder style blogs on tumblr, I’ve noticed that her outfits a very feminine.
Try finding items from TopShop, Zara, American Apparel, etc. Don’t pay a lot so try out Forever 21 or H&M.

Crop tops are a must have along with beanies, a slouchy sweatshirt, leggings, peter pan collar and a instead of going for a real expensive one, try a cheap Mulberry look a like bag.

Wanting to learn more about Eleanor Calder’s style, try checking out my favorite Eleanor Calder blog!


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