I have been meaning to do a post on my trip to Aspen, but I got so caught up in other things, like trying to add more outfits on here which will come later once I put together some outfits. So until then, on this rainy Monday I will like to share my pictures from the trip high in the mountains of Colorado.
I would not say my family is like rich or anything, having four families shoved into a condo in the a place is stuffy (by meaning four families, I meant my paternal side). But I was excited to go on a trip that is totally out of my comfort zone. I have not been on an airplane since I was 9 and I literally loathe it. Being somewhere new was exciting.
It was a long day driving from Denver to Vail to Aspen, and it was a nice to take in the breath of mountain air to finally to relax after having to be at a place at a certain time.

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I went to Free People about three times since the sale is pretty much the only items I can afford.

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Went snowmobiling with my family! This is the better picture! If you are ever in Aspen go to the T Lazy 7, it is awesome feeling the rush of adrenaline and seeing the snow glisten in the sun. My whole and I even had a race, too bad I can last with my dad 😦 .

123 124 125 127 128 129
I tend to take pictures of pretty items. All at Free People.

135 136
I went to a French pastry shop where I tried some macaroons, not a big fan of the pistachio and the while chocolate but the lemon was delicious!

147 153 156
I thought it was cute that it looked like he was wearing a fez!

164 168 171
Check out KOTO! It is where I got my hat from my Don’t Save Me post!

172 173 175 176
Absolutely loved this Australian cafe, Victoria’s! If you go to my Instagram, I posted a picture of a drink that my Gram got, they can do those coffee designs, I guess!
180 181

New Years Eve was magical! Despite getting stuck in a line with obnoxious teenagers to get a cookie was horrible, it was nice watching the fireworks at night and the lights upon the tree. I wish I could come back to Aspen during the Spring or Fall as it would be magical around that time.
Yes I did ski, first time after 5 years and let’s just say, skiing is not my friend as the boots made me unwalkable for the rest of the day.
Check out my post about going to Vail!

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