Don’t Save Me

Hey everyone! First outfit of 2014! Woot woot! I have not stood on my back porch, resting my camera on the railing with a timer going along with my dog waiting for me on the other side of the glass door since last year! I kind of promised a few posts from my trip to Colorado but I have been wanting to keep posting outfits because I have also been wanting to experiment with pieces.
Midterms are finally over so I have a five day weekend to relax and blog. So yesterday I was hoping to get my highlights brightened but having a reaction to the dye (it was super itchy, I was squirming and the lady working on my hair thought I was crazy) they ended up using something that made it less itchy and my hair ended up looking a little red. Why can’t I go back to my original brown hair! Ugh!

This is not the best outfit that I have put together. I don’t know why I have a hand missing! I felt that this was very Violet from AHS, mostly the hat. Styling like a character from AHS is very popular now adays, a favorite blogger of mine has done about two posts about it. I am about halfway through the second season and I barely ever watched one episode of the third season. American Horror Story is awesome yet I can’t watch it at the same time.

024 025 020 dd4b815d-ec8d-4ccc-9301-339df9345394_zps3fc53c64
And who told you that you cannot wear skater dresses in the winter? No one has told me, yet.


Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Socks: Walmart
Shoes: DSW

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