I was not sure if I should put my trip into a few different posts or one giant post. So beware if there are more that will follow.
The day after we landed in Denver, December 26th, my brothers, my dad and I drove for about a little over 2 hours to Vail. I have never been to Colorado before but Vail has been a special place for my family as upon one of those skiing hills, my parents said their vows and were married, as well it is a middle name of one of my brothers. In my opinion, I liked Vail a lot more than Aspen. It was an adorable little European like town.    023   026   029    033
If anyone ever has a chance to visit, go to the Blitz Boutique as they have the most adorable products ever! I totally forgot to notice the price of a black dress with a leather collar. 😦

035 036 037 038
Very Beauty and the Beast.

039  041 042 043 044 045   048
Laughing because a dog just ran by.

050 051

The pictures are not my best but I had a blast there. If anyone ever goes to the Red Lion, get the Chicken Parmesan sandwich. It is huge but it is worth it, my other brother ate the other half.


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