I have had four days plus two days of weekend without school. Exams ended on Wednesday last week and MLK day was yesterday. So today it happened to be snowing when we would have started a new semester (2 more quarters left of sophomore year, woot woot).
Having decided to go for a little jog around my neighborhood in the snow, it seemed like an awesome time to take some pictures. Having just recieved a call on not going outside and there are warming places is a good thing I did this earlier in the day. I will only display a few as they did not come out as well as I hoped.

010 006 011

Drink a lot of hot chocolate!

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Aeropostale
Boots: DSW
Socks: Walmart
Cardigan: Lord & Taylor

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Don’t Save Me

Hey everyone! First outfit of 2014! Woot woot! I have not stood on my back porch, resting my camera on the railing with a timer going along with my dog waiting for me on the other side of the glass door since last year! I kind of promised a few posts from my trip to Colorado but I have been wanting to keep posting outfits because I have also been wanting to experiment with pieces.
Midterms are finally over so I have a five day weekend to relax and blog. So yesterday I was hoping to get my highlights brightened but having a reaction to the dye (it was super itchy, I was squirming and the lady working on my hair thought I was crazy) they ended up using something that made it less itchy and my hair ended up looking a little red. Why can’t I go back to my original brown hair! Ugh!

This is not the best outfit that I have put together. I don’t know why I have a hand missing! I felt that this was very Violet from AHS, mostly the hat. Styling like a character from AHS is very popular now adays, a favorite blogger of mine has done about two posts about it. I am about halfway through the second season and I barely ever watched one episode of the third season. American Horror Story is awesome yet I can’t watch it at the same time.

024 025 020 dd4b815d-ec8d-4ccc-9301-339df9345394_zps3fc53c64
And who told you that you cannot wear skater dresses in the winter? No one has told me, yet.


Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever 21
Socks: Walmart
Shoes: DSW

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The Emily & Meritt Collection

Ever since I recieved a jewelry holder from their collection, I have been wanting more from the Emily & Meritt collection at Pottery Barn Teen. I love their whole Alice in Wonderland-esque style, their vintage taste, and the fun pieces. I cannot wait until my bunny lamp arrives as it was suppose to come for my Christmas present, let’s just say that it would be my most favorite piece soon. I cannot wait to see what they have instore!
Check out the collection at PB Teen.

girls-bedroom-hd3-13_1 girls-bedroom-hd3-13_8


I just think that each of these pieces add a elegant yet fun vibe to a room!

I do not own these photos.
I do wish to have the rooms though.


I was not sure if I should put my trip into a few different posts or one giant post. So beware if there are more that will follow.
The day after we landed in Denver, December 26th, my brothers, my dad and I drove for about a little over 2 hours to Vail. I have never been to Colorado before but Vail has been a special place for my family as upon one of those skiing hills, my parents said their vows and were married, as well it is a middle name of one of my brothers. In my opinion, I liked Vail a lot more than Aspen. It was an adorable little European like town.    023   026   029    033
If anyone ever has a chance to visit, go to the Blitz Boutique as they have the most adorable products ever! I totally forgot to notice the price of a black dress with a leather collar. 😦

035 036 037 038
Very Beauty and the Beast.

039  041 042 043 044 045   048
Laughing because a dog just ran by.

050 051

The pictures are not my best but I had a blast there. If anyone ever goes to the Red Lion, get the Chicken Parmesan sandwich. It is huge but it is worth it, my other brother ate the other half.

TV Outfits: Jane Quimby

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they experience the worst, when their favorite TV show is canceled. As much as I hope that Jane by Design will have a new season (curse you ABC Family), or have the show on Netflix, it will always be in my heart. Ever since the show aired when I was in 8th grade, I thought it was cute. But than it turned into this amazing show that inspired me, it showed me what I wanted to do in life and that is be apart of the fashion world. Jane Quimby has been someone to inspire my outfits as she was a character who knew what she wanted to do, even when others didn’t believe in her dreams. I love how her character makes most of her own clothes, which I would love to do. Sadly I won’t be able to wear some of her outfits (like the 3 inch heels) until I am out of college as others do not believe it is acceptable to wear heels in school, it is nice to dream. 0bd928fcf712825e2e6a686fe9d50cf5 15138e63532e3ee22bd41975fdab91ad 73de8f0b7d345166bba4b394849f5cf3 7ec60b8a1fb50fcfa80917fff4c2ca81 75078995624593331cab4605f6790322 bbb079881dad4b495eb29a5dd4ba69fe f22b22975dd5af3b053cffc82ad3b101 32642feb269987a5a9460b6d62ae2e0a f48d8cb06b14e344d97337aec2655b51
I would love to wear this dress, when I get married.


This happens to be my all time favorite dress of hers that I wish to wear to prom!

How to Dress Like Jane:
Sadly the clothes she once wore are all gone since the show ended almost 2 years ago (sadly crying in the corner), but looking at vintage or very unique and cute pieces can work. Wear lot of tulle skirts, that is what I can say along mixing print is a major plus. Just have fun with it, her style is so her own which makes me love it so much! And I would recommend wearing heels, but I don’t know about wearing them in high school though. Yikes.

Too bad this show was canceled, it help me realize who I am, and I guess I am not longer lost on what I want to do in life.

I do not own these pictures.

TV Outfits: Clara Oswin Oswald

As everyone knows that I have been obsessed with Doctor Who. Other than trying to figure out a way to watch the Christmas special that I missed, I have been admiring the latest companion, Clara, outfits. Sadly, Matt Smith is no longer our beloved Doctor but there is still more Clara yet to come.

This skirt has to be one of my favorites!


images (1)

images (2) images

How to Dress Like Clara:
Clara dresses very classic and fun. She tends to wear more skirts or dresses than other bottoms. She tends to wear ankle boots or heels along with dark tights. Her common colors are red, burgundy, blue and navy.
From trying to match her outfits, the costume designer mostly shops at Urban Outfitters, Asos, TopShop, and obviously places that I cannot afford. So if you are planning on dressing up from Clara for comic-con or just love her style (like me), I have a few suggestions:


Both dress are from Urban Outfitters and shoes below are from TopShop32A30FBLK_large

“Run, run you clever boy. And remember me”

I do not own any of these photos.