Simple Laughs and Puppy Love

Ever since we brought our adorable golden doodle Camden home, I have always wanted to take some pictures with her and her cuteness (Camden is a girl and named after Camden Yards). So we decided tonight that we would get a picture of her in front of the tree, let’s just say it wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be.

034 039 041 043 045
As you can see my mom’s hand holding a piece of cheese. I had a picture with Cammie (my nickname for my adorable pup) but my face would probably give people nightmares.

And then my mom decided to take pictures of me once Cammie ran off, so here is me with her little purple no bounceable ball.


The world’s weirdest brother #whitegirlswag

25560de8-ca35-4ab1-83de-d5bea941e183_zpsf31099e7Sweater: American Eagle

And yes we did make an instagram for Cammie, check it out here!

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