Sweeter Than Fiction


Recently I have been writing a lot lately. I have been trying to participate in NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month). My story is about a princess who is knows nothing about the outside world, suddenly being shipped off into a place she has not heard of before to be protected from a threat towards her family.
Books have been my life ever since I was little. Always wanting to go adventure like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. To know what is out there. I believe that I have known a thousand lives to and through. As much as I would love to live a happily ever after like most stories, not all lives are easy. Harry Potter was a unloved kid living under the stairs, Katniss Everdeen had suffered so much during the Hunger Games, but if they could fight with everything they got everything will get better.
Sweeter than Fiction is a song by Taylor Swift, which I believe is one of the songs I have on repeat. To me, the title means that books are fun and all but they don’t compare to live which is real. Books end but lives continue.

Excuse my awkward face.



Long Sweater: American Eagle
Mint Top: American Eagle
Pants: Loft
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: American Eagle
Lipstick: Raspberry Swirl by MAC



OH YEAH! I have recieved about over 50 new followers on my style tumblr within the past 24 hours!

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