Bows, Bows, Bows


If Blair Waldorf had headbands, I got hair bows! I have been obsessed with bows a lot lately, even if I only two because like American Apparel has the best bows but I am kind of saving up my money.

I am very into the whole romantic and fairy tale vibe that I feel like Wendy Darling! All I need is very vintage looking pajamas.

Just pair a sweet sweater or a dress and it looks instantly chic, just like my outfit the other day (the sweater is from American Eagle). Or even try it with a braid which I styled with my blue bow (which I wore to school so yeah I had to wear a uniform *sadface)

A few of my fashion icons, such as Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07) and Ariana Grande are known for this cute and simple hair accessories!

There are even headbands with bows! I was about to get one but I did not feel like my aunt’s friend should buy me it, but I will hunt it down.

If you want to join in on the fun, go to American Apparel, Claire’sTopshop, and Icing.

Note: This was on my other blog, but I deleted that one so I wanted to save this one!


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