TV Outfits: Blair Waldorf

Watching reruns of Gossip Girl has been my life lately and I am obsessed with the fabulous Blair Waldorf’s clothing. Although she is know as the Queen of Mean, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a love, for style. Her Audrey Hepburn and old-fashioned movie star classic clothing makes her a very sophisticated business women, other than her known high school games.


5e9b78f85c687185b86aeeac36e35668tumblr_mcgg90vwma1qcd45lo4_250tumblr_mcgg90vwma1qcd45lo6_250USA and AUSTRALIA ONLY Leighton Meester and Blake Lively filming a scene of Gossip Girl in Paris




How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf:

I always wondered how and where I can get simple items to complete a Blair Waldorf outfit, even Google-ling it. But it doesn’t matter where you buy and how much, it is mostly what you buy and how you pair it. Even though I found a Blair piece at Bloomingdale’s (in the Ted Baker section), it is much more than a simple top or dress.

Try adding

  • tights
  • headbands
  • coats
  • finding classic pieces at the closest thrift shoppes
  • And finding girly pieces at stores like Forever 21

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