Homecoming 2013

Homecoming has officially come and gone with the longest Spirit Week ever and I am officially exhausted. It consisted of these guys annoying me, a teacher pretty much hurting his leg at the pep rally and having to be rolled out, having dance practice all week, feeling sick for the past few days, dancing at the game which we won 35-34 and I can’t not wait until I am able to sleep in but can’t since I have an Italian family and they are absolutely loud as a vacuum close to my ear.

Last night I had my Homecoming dance as earlier it took me a while to find the perfect shoes and a necklace to match. I literally took my shoes off within the first five minutes as I was jealous of a friend of mine wearing Converses -_-.

photo (1)

I thought I would make this into an Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit! I did not use the necklace that I got earlier since I thought pearls fit more.
Dress: Bloomingdales Shoes: Aldo Necklace: Mom’s closet (literally my mom’s closet)

I did not have as fun as I hoped because 1. I can’t dance to their music that they played 2. it was really awkward, I don’t know why though! So yeah I had gotten that Nasty Gal dress from a few post ago but I felt very self conscious so I had to send it back.


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