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Long sleeve sweater
$27 – newlook.com

Topshop coat

Frame Denim blue jeans

Topshop hat

A Wear snood scarve
$20 – awear.com



“you’re shining, like a 5th avenue diamond.
And they don’t make you like they you to
You’re never going out of style.”

So today as my mother and father have traveled to the wedding of my old babysitter’s (which I should be invited to) my aunt and her friend came to visit by taking me to a vintage shop.

I decided to dress up, as to me its casual but to others, wearing a dress is dressy. So I add a little crop top to make it simple.


Dress: American Eagle
Crop Top: Jawbreaking
Hair Clip: American Apparel
Boots: DSW


072Like seriously I love these vintage finds! I got the coat in the first picture as it was cheaper than I thought it would be.

Bows, Bows, Bows


If Blair Waldorf had headbands, I got hair bows! I have been obsessed with bows a lot lately, even if I only two because like American Apparel has the best bows but I am kind of saving up my money.

I am very into the whole romantic and fairy tale vibe that I feel like Wendy Darling! All I need is very vintage looking pajamas.

Just pair a sweet sweater or a dress and it looks instantly chic, just like my outfit the other day (the sweater is from American Eagle). Or even try it with a braid which I styled with my blue bow (which I wore to school so yeah I had to wear a uniform *sadface)

A few of my fashion icons, such as Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07) and Ariana Grande are known for this cute and simple hair accessories!

There are even headbands with bows! I was about to get one but I did not feel like my aunt’s friend should buy me it, but I will hunt it down.

If you want to join in on the fun, go to American Apparel, Claire’sTopshop, and Icing.

Note: This was on my other blog, but I deleted that one so I wanted to save this one!

London Butter’s Chancer Review

Nail polish is a way for me to add a little something to my school uniform as I cannot wear much with it. Recently I have been obsessed with the feeling of Christmas (when Halloween is coming up) other than the birth of Jesus who gave the meaning of giving and family for that holiday season, I love it for the lights and the freshly fallen snow and the way that it gives me warmth in my heart to see happiness all around. Which doesn’t include Christmas shopping.

As I am waiting for ABC Family movie marathons and decorating the Christmas tree, I had gotten a very festive nail polish with something I purchased a few weeks ago and I recently tried it out.

I love nail polish I really do but 1. It’s a pain in the butt to try to put it on and wait for it dry and 2. I can’t paint my nails for my life. But with Butter London’s nail polishes, I find them to be painted on very smoothly.


Nail Polish: Chancer by London Butter

Well happy early holidays! 🎄