Alis’s Fall Must Haves

Fall is my favorite season because of the new dark clothing and sweaters to buy. I love how the leaves change color and Halloween coming up.

This year I have found some really cute products that are amazing for this new season.


I went to Nordstrom today and sadly did not walk away with this plaid skirt , but I had an idea on what to buy next!
Check this out on Nordstrom !


Check out this dress at Urban Outfitters! This dress is great to wear with a sweater over it and the collar and black tights with combat boots!


A lovely hat from Brandy Melville! I love beanies for the fall time, I need to write a post on my newest beanie, and this is also a great message to girls to be who they are and stay weird!


This skort at Zara has been popular recently and I have been wanting to get it! It would great with a nice sweater tucked in with combat boots and black sheer tights!


I am into crop tops recently as it has not gotten colder out yet so this Brandy Melville top will look amazing with a cardigan and combat boots (yep I am saying that a lot since I recently bought my first pair!).


I absolutely love this sweater from TopShop, I saw some girl on Tumblr pair it with an awesome outfit!

My favorite finds from fair are light jackets, sweaters and of course beanies but this year I hope to wear tights under shorts and scarves! Happy October!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired

Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired

Forever New little black dress
$120 –

Forever New beaded layered necklace
$23 –

How to Survive Gym Class


Gym Class is pretty much split up into two groups, those who are super athletic and very good at every sport they play and those who have no hand-eye coordination. Well I am one of those who are not athletic at all! So this is why I am currently writing this blog post on an advice to pass this class without dying.

Along with this being post marking my one year anniversary, I would like to thank you for over 1,400 hits! Sadly I won’t be home to celebrate with a party because I will be at puppy training school, but thank you and lets get on for what this post is about because of course I am rambling on!

  1. Since I have to wear a uniform with so many pieces to put together the right way without getting in trouble, and being in time for class. Try to time yourself and beat that time or inform your teacher (if she/he is nice, like my French teacher) that you and a few others, if there are, that you guys might be a little late.
  2. Participate. Participate in anything you can, even if you are bad. It shows the teacher that you are trying your best to try to pass.
  3. Learn as much as you can. Learn different skills to try your best with at the activities each day to try to improve.
  4. Drink water is a must.
  5. Study as much as you can but make sure you it does not take up your life.

Well good luck!



The night stars twinkle so bright.
And evening colors are fading.
Just a perfect dark sky at night
The moon in the sky, just waiting.


Life ever so still and silent.
At day time, it was never like so
full of mystery but not violent.
The lamps give the streets a soft glow.


Tall trees have a lingering shadow.
A soft warm breeze across the grass.
Sleep a silent foreshadow.
I wish this moment could last.

This was for my creative writing class, but it was not right but it was the best poem I have ever written (in my opinion) and I would to share it! If use the poem or picture give credit!