Crazy Fashion

I know I am currently obsessed with Pinterest and other social media, which is kind of getting a little out of hand. So as I have been scrolling and going through pictures, I have spotted some pretty weird things that I think is kind of outrageous but definitely something that I ‘might’ enjoy wearing.


With different styles of tights, I believe these are so cool yet weird at the same time! Its like some masterpiece at an art museum from some mentally disturbed artist, which I would probably is someone who needs a big hug!


First it was fuzzy nail polish, now its fuzzy nail polish with people! Could your nails get anymore likelike?


Two words: Marshmallow skirt! Yummy!


I would love a pair of these for my birthday! Now all I have to do is buy some cute socks.


Personally I do know like eggs, but I would like to have that baguette on your head! (Hehe using my French vocab).


Literally praying for them and their feet.


He is like a human-sized cotton candy, with legs obvi.


I’ve had a friend try something like this on before, its not comfortable but they are cute!.

Lets just say there is more that I would like to add but think I’ll be going on forever and ever! And Lady Gaga will obviously need a whole 10 posts or so about her outfits.

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos.

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