Summer Hair

A new month calls for a new season of weather. Literally a long heat wave has been surfing through my part of the United States (I am currently new to the whole Mid Southern part) and as my hair is frizzy, i have been wanting a new way to style my hair other than pull it in a pony tail.

Currently searching through fashion websites (i.e. Seventeen and Teen Vogue) and a few other magazines and videos, I have came across some hairstyles that I would like to try for the upcoming weather.

Messy Buns:ย 


Pulling your hair in a nice simple bun is only for only ballet now. Try to pull up all your hair into a little ponytail. It doesn’t have to be cleanly and it could have have pieces of your hair sticking out in all ends. It is also a great simple way to pull up your hair when you are running late. To add a little flair, add a braid.

Add a Scarf:


Tired of pulling your hair back with a head band, grab a colorful scarf and wrap it around your hair. It is a great way to pop color in your outfit.

Faux Bob:


Curl your hair and tuck up the ends and attack the hair by using bobby pins and use hairspray to keep in place.

Fish Tail Braid:


I have learned to do this exact same hairstyle a few different ways by a few different people so I suggest that try looking for a video on YouTube for instructions.


As me for having crazy, curly, frizzy hair all I dream is to have perfect blonde hair and to lie on the beach sand in California like a surfer girls.

To get beach waves:
Get 2 sections of hair and twist the top piece over the 2nd and gather more hair with the 2nd one and braid that over the first one, keep twist it. Its more like a gather and wrap sort of method. When you’re done with one side, clip it and continue on the next side. When there are two strands left, twist the two together away from the face. Keep everything tight with no loose strands and secure it. Try to do this the day before so you can sleep with it in and the next day you’ll have beach waves! I suggest you watch a video because I might confuse you!

So what do you think of my firstish (not sure) hair post! So tweet me what any of you guys have done with your hair in the upcoming summer and have fun with it!

Disclaimer: I do not own these photos, they belong to others on tumblr.

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Parisian Maryland


A rain in the morning can never effect a day in little Paris (said in the French way). Its not actually a French part of the country that I am talking about, even though I hear there was a high school that is half French speaking. About a few minutes away, a street was closed down for festivities for a Parisian theme day.


Something adorable that I found in a Vintage shop.





I really love how they have the Marilyn Monroe quote!


Vintage Vogues, I was really hoping to find a Vintage Chanel Bag or Louis Vuitton but I found a cool old typewriter :).


A old 50’s style chandelier I thought was cool.


Excuse my face as I am wearing something that Marilyn Monroe would’ve worn.


I have a big obsession with bird cages!


Not Parisian but I love this!


A little insert of my outfit!

Top: Target
Bracelet: Little White Truck (Facebook)
Shorts: Lucky Brand

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Just a few minutes ago, my mom had just given me this notecard which she recieved at the grocery store the other day. I was thinking maybe I should share it since I haven’t updated in what seems like forever! Hopefully I will update soon and hopefully you’ll enjoy this inspiring quote.

With the Wind in Your Hair
And a Double Dog Dare
Just Sail Through Life
Without a Worry or Care

I don’t know who Bill is but thanks Bill.

Picture of the Day 1

As by tomorrow I will not be using any electronics as for I have to study for finals since its the end of the school year and my mom needs to “see more of my face” instead of behind a phone or a computer. So I have recently been scrolling through We Heart It, Tumblr, Instagram and occasionally Facebook and finding pictures that I absolutely love and I would like to share since I currently have too many on my phone. So don’t be scared if there are some dark and depressing ones since I like those ones so don’t be alarmed!

Btw: I do not own any pictures that I will post unless if I did I will not have a disclaimer


I find this picture very inspiring for I believe God is the reason everything works. Since my grandmother died about almost 3 months ago, my mother decided to look at dogs. So we had looked at a dog for fun which was born the same day as my grandmother had died so it was a sign from God telling us to allow a new member into the family even if it has fur and a wet nose.

P.s. I literally thought of this earlier today and completely forgot that I have this picture!